10 Latest Wedding Reception Trends You Have to Know

10 Latest Wedding Reception Trends You Have to Know

A recent survey suggests that 2022 will mark the year most people will get married in the United States. This increase may be attributed to the fact that many weddings over the past two years have either been postponed, rescheduled, or carried out through Zoom. As a result, the grand wedding is returning, and this time it will have even longer guest lists, more unique settings, and more significant design highlights. In addition, we see that couples are giving each detail more care, prioritizing their guests’ satisfaction, and increasing the financial investment they make to give their guests unforgettable experiences.

The most up-to-date and forthcoming wedding trends focus on inventive methods to build a theme by including the happy couple’s preferred foods, beverages, activities, or anything else they want to share with their guests. If you are interested in learning more about modern weddings, here are some current wedding trends.



We believe that the present trend toward sustainability will continue for a long time. For example, when making wedding plans, an increasing number of engaged couples consider their environmental impact and make efforts to reduce it. For instance, because newlyweds are increasingly reusing and donating their wedding flowers, dried flower arrangements may soon become more frequent at weddings. Furthermore, they are using digital invitations and save-the-dates to decrease waste produced by paper and plastic.


Goodbye to Tradition

Conventional weddings that follow a set template are seeing declining popularity. These days, the majority of engaged couples want to either have a big ceremony or a more intimate, private one. The most important thing is for them to feel that they have a more significant say in how their wedding day happens. So a non-traditional wedding is held in an out-of-the-way location, with mouthwatering specialties served during it and a gorgeous landscape.


Destination Weddings

In 2022, we will see the comeback of destination weddings with full force. Numerous couples now fly in guests from across the country or the world for their lavish weddings, which have become increasingly extravagant. In addition, guests who attend a wedding at a destination are often encouraged to extend their trip for a few more days following the ceremony to participate in the activities offered in the location and celebrate the newlyweds. This celebration lends itself well to various outings, the most common of which are wine tastings and yacht boat tours.


Extraordinary Dining Experience

Many engaged couples and their caterers go to extraordinary lengths to include cultural and sentimental dishes on the reception menu. For guests who choose not to drink alcohol, modern weddings, for instance, frequently provide a variety of creative mocktails. In addition, contemporary wedding guests like having access to a food truck for the three meals during the celebration (reception, cocktail hour, and late-night treats).


The Come Back of the Big Wedding

Because couples could not have enormous festivities for a time, small weddings became the standard for a while, but now, big weddings are making a comeback. When it comes to the preparation for their marriages, today’s couples have more options available to them than they ever had before, according to experts working in the event planning sector.

Large flower arrangements and stunning décor beautifying the venue distinguish big weddings and ensure these celebrations are once-in-a-lifetime events.



Elopements are gaining popularity, and several modern couples are considering them. The term “eloping” originally referred to a couple secretly married without their families’ consent; today, it refers to a small, intimate wedding with only close friends and family present.

The phrase “eloping” has been used interchangeably with “running away” to get married. Some people picture a small, intimate wedding on a beautiful beach as their ideal elopement, while others imagine a quiet, low-key event at the local city hall.


Entire Wedding Weekend

More and more contemporary couples are choosing to have weddings that last for more than just the ceremony and reception. During the three-day wedding trend, newlyweds often treat their guests with generosity. The long weekend is for you and your guests to have a lot of fun, from a welcome party and afternoon activities to goodbye brunches. Full wedding weekends also give guests more chances to bond over shared experiences.


The Black Tie Wedding

There is a resurging interest in dressing formally for formal events such as weddings with black tie attire. However, black-tie affairs may not necessarily require attendees to dress in the conventional manner of a gown and tuxedo. Therefore, the formal dress code of today calls for an interpretation that is less formal and more playful. People could wear something exceptional like a cocktail dress or a suit. A dinner suit is an excellent option to wear to weddings with black tie attire.


Themed Celebrations

Rehearsal dinners and welcome parties are all about having fun and being pampered. Nowadays, couples want a concept for their wedding in a new and fun way for their guests. The Golden Age of Hollywood, the circus, the cowboy rodeo, bonfires in the woods, and a yacht charter adventure are all popular party themes.


Charming and Intimate Settings

Smaller weddings may be enjoyable to arrange. Wedding festivities may be as large or as little as the couple desires; those who want a smaller gathering choose a more secluded location with a pleasant environment. Set up cozy lounge areas, use smaller centerpieces while serving meals family-style, and create mini partitioned nooks in a vast room to create an intimate wedding celebration.


Article by Rocio Espinosa


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