A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson

Now here is a twisty book!


‘You, Mrs Christie, are going to commit a murder. But before then, you are going to disappear.’

December 1926: world-famous author Agatha Christie suddenly goes missing, only to be discovered in a Harrogate hotel ten days later. But what happened during her dramatic disappearance?

Gone Girl meets The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in this brilliant new novel from Andrew Wilson. In a mystery worthy of Agatha herself, facts from the news that gripped the nation are seamlessly interwoven with a gripping, utterly believable story of betrayal, blackmail and murder.

My 2 Pence:

I have been an Agatha Christie fan for as long as I can remember, I have all her books, from Poirot to Miss Marple, and is always a pleasure to re-read them.

Andrew really knows agatha Christie as his writing reminds me of her in many ways.

This is such a great book and is really worth a read… so mysterious that now you will want more books like this one from Andrew Wilson.


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