Joie Nitro Stroller Midnight Blue Pushchair Review

Hi Everyone,

This is my little one new pushchair or stroller, whatever you want to call it, called Joie Nitro in Midnight blue.

I bought it on Toys r Us for £59 and it was very difficult to get it, since is out of stock everywhere.
The prices now range from £71 and up so this was a bargain.
The lady in Toys R us said she sold one of these every day on the shop… and by the reviews – all of them positive – I needed to get one.

My RJ is 2 year old with a tall size of a 4 year old, so this stroller has been perfect for him. The straps are adjustable and was one one the main things I wanted. I’ve tried several brands and had to return them since the straps wouldn’t fit him. This one has been amazing.

Super light to drive and easy to assemble and to close, it was a very nice and bargain shop I’ve made.
When it’s closed is almost 8 kilos of weight, could be lighter but will do. the shopping basket is a good size and comes with a rain cover.
Great for those times when you need to travel or for those times you know you have to walk a lot or in a quick pace.

Really recommend it and it really makes justice to all the reviews out there towards this pushchair by Joie.

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