Lose Weight: Top Tips to Perfect Your Water Workouts

It’s time to build a new set of resolutions for the upcoming year, and for those who are looking to get slimmer, this is a perfect chance for you to make it more fun than ever. After all, strictly monitoring your calories and counting every piece of cake you eat in a month is already a challenge difficult enough on your morale – but choosing a workout system that will lift your spirits and lower the number on the scale is a win-win! However, much like with every other workout that’s focused on weight loss, it’s time to take a look at some facts and how you can make your workouts more effective.

Water workouts are some of the most health-focused systems out there, not just perfect for your waistline, but for your heart, lungs, and joints, as well. Let the splashing begin, and watch those love handles melt into oblivion as you clock your hours at the local pool!


Take a stroll




You might have already spotted a few elderly ladies and gents taking a walk down the beach, but not in a traditional walk-on-sand way. They take their strolls into the water precisely because that’s what every good doctor would prescribe to people of all ages and fitness levels – water serves as a natural source of resistance for your body, while also reducing the effects of gravity.

That said, you can adjust your speed according to your abilities, but no matter how fast you can progress, you’ll effectively burn fat, build your balance, strength, and coordination, as well as tone your core and legs.



Add bodyweight exercises to the mix



Keeping your body at the same level of exercise intensity for too long can often lead to a plateau in achieving your goals. While you definitely need to be consistent and gradually elevate your training efforts, you can also benefit from mixing your on-shore bodyweight exercises with your swimming against the waves.

In fact, you can do a few sets of pushups, squats, planks and jumping jacks on the shore after your swimming session, or mix and match between your in-water and on-shore efforts.



Bring it home



Even if there’s no beach or pool nearby, there’s still no excuse to abandon this exquisite way of working out to trim fat. Just like with many other pieces of gym-worthy equipment, you can introduce a swim spa in your backyard and kick-start your water workouts with no delay. These are not just reserved for lazy summer barbecue days, but they can be a perfect fitness spot when you have no beach to rely on.

In fact, the sheer convenience can help you get a greater number of workouts into your weekly schedule and mix up your workout routine with other exercise forms. Another perk: unlike in any public pool or beach, you get to choose your tunes and get motivated in a second.



Diversify your swimming strokes




If you’re proficient at the freestyle stroke, you can always look up to the Olympians and switch up your routine. The very effort of mastering a new swimming stroke can take more time and be more taxing on your muscles than a targeted workout.

So, go for the breast and backstroke for more cardiovascular endurance, or aim for the butterfly for the greatest muscle-toning rewards. It’s staggeringly effective for those looking to lose weight, as you can burn as many as 450 calories per 30 minutes of butterfly swimming.



Get your hands in the air



Even though gravity is not as powerful when you’re in the water, you still need to work hard to keep your head above the surface even when you’re not doing much else. However, this can be an excellent way to elevate your water workout intensity from time to time – by lifting your hands in the air, you force your lower body and your core to do all the work of resisting gravity and keeping your hair dry.

If you have access to a pool with different depths, you can vary between pool walking, jogging, and then use the deepest end for a brief, intense session of hands-free balancing in the water. This is a drill commonly used in water polo workouts, so rest assured your legs, back, and core will feel the burn!



All aboard!



Yes, you’ll look exceptionally cool when you learn the ropes of surfing, but this will be the least of your perks when you realize how taxing this sport is on your body. It’s no longer just you against a pool of serene water, but battling some serious resistance from those barreling waves. Surfing is a great choice for increasing your cardiovascular health, improving your posture and balance, and strengthening your entire body – your neck included!

The paddling part lets you tone your arms, while the rest of your body will take quite a hit during the rest of the surf lesson.


Ultimately, spending time in the sun, fresh air, and water will benefit your overall well-being, reduce your stress levels, and thus further boost your weight-loss efforts. Let’s face it – less stress means less binge eating on sweets and less hormonal changes that lead to fat buildup. So, make the most of these incredible workouts and watch the fat melt away!



By Cooper Klein,

Alejandra’s Life Guest Author


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