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My name is Alejandra, and I am the writer behind Alejandra’s Life.

Alejandra’s Life started as Artsmum Blog, and changed to Alejandra’s as a reflection of how my blog has evolved. I am still Artsmum in every way and a bit more.

Mum to a boy, RJ, now almost 7 years old, I write about Business, Entrepreneurship, Finances, fashion and Beauty, Tech and Travel, from Health facts to Relationships. Anything can be seen, as we all do in Life.

Currently in the UK, working and living (I was born in Venezuela, and have travelled and worked around the whole world), I studied Health Research (in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Medical University) and Homeopathy (London, Portugal, and Brazil) and at the same time I have a degree in Interior Design, Interpreting/Translations (I speak 7 languages), Copywriter, and I am a Professional Writer with several books printed and online.

I love every little bit of my life with my family, and that is what I want to show in Alejandra’s Life:
How happiness can be obtained with little tips, news, and tricks, and  I am hoping for the restoration of faith in humanity.
I have travelled a lot, and now I am showing that to my RJ.

Stay tuned for news, Tips, Tricks, and cool places around the World, by checking daily here at Alejandra’s Life, and don’t forget my socials.

Alejandra’s Life – My World, My Lifestyle.

Hi, My Name is Alejandra

My name is Alejandra, and I am the writer behind Alejandra’s Life.

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