How To Plan A Baby Shower That Mom Will Never Forget

How To Plan A Baby Shower That Mom Will Never Forget

When you are in charge of planning a baby shower, whether it is your own or for a loved one, there is one thing that you can be sure of: preparation is key. Without it, the task can be overwhelming, especially if you have never planned one before.

There are many aspects of a baby shower that need to be taken into consideration, such as who to invite, how many people to invite, and that is before you even begin to think about choosing a theme, buying decorations, and sending out invitations. You also have to think about a budget as well.

For many moms to be, the baby shower is a significant event in pregnancy, and so that should not be overlooked. It is a day to celebrate the mom – perhaps the dad – and the baby, and will be a celebration that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is a great opportunity for family and friends to get together and spend time with the expectant mom before the baby comes along, give them some lovely presents and pieces of valuable advice, as well as have plenty of fun. It goes without saying that it needs to be special and well thought out.

If this makes planning a baby shower sound overwhelming, fear not, because here we have a guide that covers everything that you need to know about planning a baby shower that mom will never forget – for all of the right reasons.


What is a baby shower?

The whole idea behind a baby shower is to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby with gifts and decorations. It is a day to celebrate the birth of a new life, but it is also a day to provide the new parents with all they will need to ease their transition into parenthood. The traditional baby shower is for women only, with the father-to-be popping in at the end to see what all the fuss is about. For the mom-to-be, the baby shower is all about pampering her while her loved ones make sure she is prepared for motherhood with all the essentials.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks were the first to hold baby showers, thus the custom is far from new. The situation was somewhat different back then. For a long time after the baby was born, pregnant women were kept concealed from the rest of society because they believed the birthing process was impure. To mark the arrival of a new life, celebrations would take place later, once the infant had been legally named.


Who should host the baby shower?

When it comes to choosing a baby shower host, there is no right or wrong answer. As a general rule, someone close to the baby’s family or a close friend will either volunteer or be asked to take on the position. Additionally, it is not unusual for a group of friends or family members to organize and throw a baby shower for the same person. It is important that a baby shower be hosted by someone who is responsible because there is a lot of planning involved.


Who is invited to a baby shower?

The answer to this question varies depending on the individual, but the correct answer is anybody the parents want to attend the baby shower. Friends, family, and co-workers may all be included in this group. Remember that the baby shower is meant to be a stress-free and pleasurable experience for mom, so do not invite somebody you know they won’t want there.

Some cultures have a practice of keeping baby showers small and just for women, while others invite all members of the family, including men, to the event. You get to make the call!


How to choose a theme for a baby shower

When it comes to deciding on a baby shower theme, there are so many to pick from! First and foremost, establish a list of the ideas and non-negotiables that come to mind when you close your eyes and imagine your baby shower. After that, see what is popular in terms of baby shower themes and see if anything catches your eye. If you are planning a baby shower, you may want to match the theme to the baby’s room as well.

Look at factors like what is available online and how many people you plan on inviting to your baby shower (and also take into mind who will actually RSVP with a ‘yes’). For a baby shower, it is not ideal to fall in love with a certain theme, only to discover that most of the supplies have been sold out or that there are not enough place settings for the number of guests who will attend.

Think about whether simplicity or extravagance is more important to the mom to be, as well as current trends. What a wide range of possibilities there are!


What food and drink to serve at a baby shower

Almost anything goes when it comes to food and drink at a baby shower. You can have foods to match your theme, barbecues, outdoor picnics, afternoon teas – whatever the mom to be or the host wants.

The most important factor to consider is how the food is served. Consider how your guests would prefer to be served, such as a buffet or finger food appetizers to prevent the hassle of organizing a sit-down meal experience. Alcohol, however, is something to keep in mind. Remember, the mom to be can’t drink it. Some are happy for their guests to drink, while others would rather not be around it. There are plenty of fun mocktails you can make for the event.


Baby shower do’s and don’ts

DO: Include all of the necessary details on the invitation: where, when, directions. You might also want to include a list of gift ideas for new parents.

DON’T: Bring children, unless explicitly invited. Adult female visitors and the expectant mother are the only people invited to the majority of baby showers. Attending a baby shower with children is out of the ordinary because the event should be centered around the mother-to-be. There is nothing wrong with inviting children if the mother-to-be so desires. But it is never a good idea to show up with uninvited children!

DO: Make a guest book. The family will cherish a thoughtful record of the event for years to come. Gather quotes and images from your guests before the shower, so you may use them in the guest book. As an alternative, have everyone write birthday wishes for the baby and put them in a special box that the child can draw out at each birthday.

DON’T: Force people to join in games. While games can be a huge part of a baby shower, some guests may not feel confident joining in or feel embarrassed. If this is the case, do not force anyone to join in and make them feel uncomfortable.

DO: Be sensitive. A new baby’s arrival can evoke intense emotions in some attendees, which may seem obvious. The invitation process and the party itself should be sensitive to friends who have had miscarriages or are having difficulty conceiving. There is no need to be a paragon of caution, but you should make sure she is comfortable engaging and do not be judgmental if she declines.

4 Ways To Give Your Health A Fresh Start In 2022

4 Ways To Give Your Health A Fresh Start In 2022

Everyone always wants to start the new year off strong, and there are many resolutions testament to this fact. One of the most common kinds of resolution here is to have better health, and that is something that is obviously going to bring about so many fantastic changes as a result. So how can you actually do that? In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways in which you can give your health a fresh start in 2022. All of these are worth looking into in some way or another at least.


Set Realistic Goals

One of the main things to bear in mind here is that you really need to set yourself some realistic goals regarding your overall health. As long as you are doing that, you should find that you can much more easily and gracefully hope to have better health. On the other hand, if you are trying to achieve too much too quickly, you are probably only going to end up disappointed, so it’s something that you will certainly want to think about. Set realistic goals, and then abide by them, and you will find that you are much more successful.


Get Sober

Many of us partake in some unhealthy habits from time to time, and it’s something that you might want to look into in some detail if you are keen to try and turn your health around this year. For some people, that means undergoing a challenge such as dry January, or for other people, it might mean that you need the help of a team such as Sunshine Behavioral Health. In either case, do whatever you need to in order to get sober – you’ll be amazed at the benefits that this brings you.


Drink More Water

Sometimes it’s the really simple things that make the biggest difference. If you know that you probably don’t presently drink enough water, then you might want to make a point of doing that more in the new year. Being able to drink plenty of water each day will basically make almost every aspect of your health considerably better, so this really is something that you are going to want to try out. The best way is to carry a bottle of water wherever you go. You will find that you sip from it without even noticing, and you’ll definitely get your 8 glasses that way.


Care For Your Mind

Your mind and your body are really just two sides of the same coin, so it’s important that you are doing all you can to care properly for your mind as well as your body. As long as you do that, you’re going to find that you can expect much greater health benefits in general. Caring for the mind means being kind to yourself, adopting self-care routines, and generally being mindful as well. If you can do all that, you are going to benefit from it greatly, so be sure to do so.

Tips For Staying Healthy, Well & In Good Spirits

Tips For Staying Healthy, Well & In Good Spirits

Life can be overwhelming and busy at times. It may make you feel out of sorts if you’re always rushing around and trying to do it all.

It’s important that you take good care of yourself and make your wellness a priority if you want to feel good and have more energy. Learn some tips that will help you remain healthy, well, and in good spirits so you can be happy and get the most out of each new day.


Get Enough Sleep

One tip for staying healthy, well, and in good spirits is to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can make you moody, uneasy, and hard to be around. You might also find it difficult to concentrate at work and home and tackle your to-do list. Stick to a regular bedtime routine and schedule and create a comfortable bedroom space that makes it easy to fall asleep at night.

When you get enough sleep you’ll also notice you have more energy and motivation to live a healthy lifestyle such as exercising and eating well. You may find you sleep better when you work out regularly, turn off your screens well before bed, and avoid too much sugar and caffeine during the day.


Grow A Garden

If you want to stay healthy, well, and in good spirits then you may want to consider growing a garden. Being outdoors and working in your garden regularly will be enjoyable and it offers many mental health benefits. You can also use it to grow your own food so you can cook up nutritious recipes and improve your diet.

Set up a little sitting area where you can read a book or relax in the sunshine. Do your best to keep the weeds and insects away so it’s a pleasurable place to be. In particular, be on the lookout for the Tree Bumblebee in the summer months so you can avoid them setting up a nest and bothering you.


Break A Sweat

Exercise is an excellent way to spend your free time and boost your overall wellbeing. It can instantly turn your mood or attitude around for the better and will help you reduce stress. Break a sweat regularly and you’ll notice your clothes fit better and you feel happier most days. Find physical activities you enjoy doing such as running, walking, or playing sports.

You may also want to consider joining a gym near your work so you are more likely to go and make exercise a part of your daily routine. If you’re working out a lot, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking more water. You’ll have more energy and will be able to concentrate better when you’re hydrated.


Have More Work-Life Balance

Working a lot can take a toll on your health and wellness and make you feel exhausted. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy, well, and in good spirits then you must create and have more work-life balance. Learn to say no to others and set boundaries so that you can maintain a realistic and doable schedule that won’t burn you out.

It may help to ask to work from home some days during the week or set up a home office where you can catch up on tasks during off-hours so you don’t have to stay so late at the office.


Maintain A Positive Attitude & Mindset

Part of you staying healthy and well is your attitude and mindset. Make sure you have a positive outlook and try to see the glass half full. You’ll be in much better spirits and will be more enjoyable to be around when you focus on the good and bright side.

Spend time with other people who are positive and upbeat to help you stay the same way. Read inspirational and uplifting quotes or stories and maintain a gratitude journal so you continue to keep negative thoughts and feelings to a minimum.



These tips will help you stay healthy, well, and in good spirits so you can enjoy life more and feel full of energy as you go about your days. These new habits will take time to implement and get used to so be patient with yourself as you try to change your ways.

Remind yourself that taking care of yourself is important so that you can function to the best of your ability and reach your goals. It’s all about what you choose to do each day to better yourself and what you focus on that will make the greatest difference in how you feel and your mood.


What Is Health Literacy and Why Is It Important

What Is Health Literacy and Why Is It Important

Patient education is a big part of medical practice. As patients, you can do so much more for your health than just simply wait for the doctor to give you instructions on how to act and what pills to take. An important part of patient education is health literacy.

As soon as you get more insight on what health literacy is, you’ll find out why it is so closely connected to health outcomes and patient satisfaction as well.

What is health literacy?

Health literacy is the responsibility of each individual. It is the way in which each individual treats basic health information and services. This is the capacity of the individual to obtain and communicate, process, and understand these pieces of information in order to reach the right health decisions.

A lot of requirements are parts of health literacy. For instance, you should be able to compare various health plans or prescription drug premiums. Knowing the human body and having numeric proficiency are both essential here. You may be required to understand the nutrition labels or to calculate cholesterol. These things aren’t always easy, but they can be mastered.

The low health literacy problem

Unfortunately, most people have no idea how health literacy works or why it’s important. Up to 90% of adults don’t know how to manage their own health. This is a serious issue since it doesn’t help at all when it comes to illness prevention. This also implies that most patients don’t have the necessary knowledge to fill out complex forms, understand medication instruction, or navigate the healthcare system.

These issues mostly affect older adults, people with not-so-high levels of education, and racial and ethnic minorities. Unfortunately, all of these groups can help issues with health literacy, as crucial factors for this are access to resources, language, education, and culture.

Poor health outcomes

The first reason why this is such an important matter is that low health literacy may be linked to poor health outcomes. When you think about it, this is quite logical. If you are able to observe your health conditions and communicate them properly to a professional, you get a chance to prevent a disease from occurring.

On the other hand, failing to recognize some symptoms or ignoring and neglecting them can lead to more serious health issues. Failing to react on time can also be a huge problem. For these reasons, you risk ending up with poorer health outcomes when you don’t have health literacy.

Consulting the professionals

Communication may be the best way to deal with this issue if you feel like you’re not satisfied with your health literacy. However, you should be careful who you talk to when it comes to matters as important as health. That is why consulting medical professionals is never a bad idea.

If you suspect you might have heart issues, make sure to talk to a cardiologist and let him explain the situation to you. Don’t just listen – make sure to explain how you see the problem and come to a solution together. If you’re worried about your spine, go to Briz Brain & Spine, and if you have sight issues, schedule an ophthalmologist appointment soon!

Not using the preventative services

Another problem caused by poor health literacy is that many individuals fail to use preventative services. For example, mammograms and pap smears are the services every woman should take. Pap smears are vital for detecting cervical cancer.

Not doing these on time can cause a lot of preventable trouble for many women. Another example of this is the flu shot. Failing to recognize the importance of a flu shot can damage an individual’s health, as well as the healthcare system.

Increased rates of hospitalisation

Finally, all of this poor health management can lead to increased rates of hospitalisation. In such times like this one, when a pandemic is going on, emergency service use shouldn’t be neglected.

However, it often is. That means that we could have preventable hospitalisations happening all the time. This is a huge issue since it is unnecessarily taking up the space and resources for matters that may have not been as preventable.


While health literacy may seem irrelevant, the truth is the complete opposite. Your doctor is there to cure you and improve your health, but he or she doesn’t have to do it without your help!



Article by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a proud member of Alejandra’s Life Family Team


Could This One Secret Help You Improve Your Workout Routine?

Could This One Secret Help You Improve Your Workout Routine?

Sticking to a workout routine can be tough, and it requires a lot of dedication. Unfortunately, people lose motivation when they are not getting the results that they want. Patience is important when working out, and you also need to find something that you enjoy, so it’s worth looking at alternative ways to exercise if you don’t like the gym.

However, a lot of people have been using CBD to help improve their workouts, and it could be the secret that you’ve been looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about CBD and working out. 


What Is CBD Oil And How Does It work?

CBD oil is a substance that’s extracted from the cannabis plant, and it contains many different chemicals, including CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The effects of CBD vary between people, but it has been known to reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety. CBD is completely legal, so you can buy it online from places like Blessed CBD in a lot of different forms.

People who work out regularly often take CBD oil for the same reasons, but it can also improve your workouts. This is why it’s growing in popularity among athletes, including bodybuilders and weightlifters. 


How Can CBD Improve Your Workouts?

CBD is known to reduce pain, so it can help you push yourself harder in the gym. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and this can help your muscles recover after a tough workout, reducing soreness and speeding up your recovery time. CBD oil for workouts could just be the boost that you need to get you motivated again.

There are several types of CBD that can help your workout such as creams, gummies, and oil that you can benefit to improve your fitness workouts and Blessed CBD can help on that.


The Benefits of Using CBD Before a Workout

CBD oil can improve your workouts in several different ways. Not only does it reduce pain and inflammation, but it also enhances mood and improves focus. This makes it a great option to give you that extra energy and motivation. 

Many athletes prefer vaping CBD oil, as this gives them the biggest dose of CBD in the shortest amount of time. You could also try taking capsules or topicals instead if vaping isn’t for you.


Why You Should Use CBD After A Workout 

CBD oil can also help to improve your recovery time after a workout. CBD is an antioxidant, so it could protect your muscles from damage caused by free radicals. 

Additionally, CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and soreness after intense exercise, and this will speed up the process of returning to normal. The quicker you recover, the sooner you’ll be ready for your next workout. However, if you keep pushing yourself too hard before you have fully recovered, you risk injury. Using CBD can help you stick to a regular workout routine, while also making sure that you recover properly between each session. Just remember that you should always listen to your body and if you feel any pain, give yourself more time to recover before you continue with your normal workout schedule. 


If you want to improve your workout routine without having to spend hours at the gym every day, then CBD could be the answer that you’re looking for.


The Battle Against Procrastination: Helpful Tips

The Battle Against Procrastination: Helpful Tips

Procrastination plagues even the most productive people. At first, it sounds like a sweet deal to leave your work behind because you’ve convinced yourself tomorrow will be a new and bright day. 

Wake up. You won’t all of the sudden have the motivation tomorrow that you lack today. Motivation comes and goes, but your work doesn’t. No one likes spending their day working when they could be sitting on the couch watching their favorite tv show

However, working on projects too close to their deadline due to procrastinating may result in poor performance, burnout, fatigue, and unnecessary stress. Depart from procrastination and have more free time by applying the following tips to your work routine.


Say Goodbye To Distractions 

First and foremost, access what distracts you. Most are within your control, but there are external and internal factors that may distract you from completing work or other projects.

  • Text messages 
  • Social interactions
  • Video games
  • Hunger
  • Illness
  • Emails, both from work and personal 
  • Background noise
  • Fatigue


Avoid as many distractions as possible and be on the lookout for those that trigger your tendency to procrastinate. 

Parents don’t have the luxury of ignoring avoiding all distractions. After all, being a parent is a full-time job. So, the best alternative is a daycare, taking turns taking care of children between parents or leaving a trusted family member or friend in charge.


Where & When

Find when you are most productive during the day. It might take a couple of days to figure out your schedule, but once you know if you’re a morning person or night owl, figuring out the rest will be quicker. 

Say, for instance, you are a morning person. Then, your day might look a little something like the schedule below, meanwhile, night owls will do the complete opposite. 


Morning Person

  • Wake up-6 am
  • Project #1-6 am-8 am
  • Breakfast-8 am
  • Project #2-9 am-10 am
  • Break 15min
  • Project #3-10:15 am-12 pm
  • Lunch-12 pm
  • Project #4-1 pm-3 pm
  • Break 15 min
  • Project #5-3:15 pm-5 pm
  • Break 15 min
  • Project #6-5 pm-7 pm
  • Dinner-7 pm


Learning your peak productivity time is crucial, but knowing where you work best is just as important. Amid the pandemic, people have adjusted their workspaces, taken projects home, and experienced the struggles of little to no privacy. 

Try out different workspaces. Head to a library or coffee shop if you are a student, build a workspace at home that is not in your room or kitchen if possible. 

Why avoid the bedroom and kitchen? 

The kitchen is where you eat, where you should sit down, relax, and have a meal. 


Set Priorities & Avoid Overwhelming Yourself

What needs to get done by exactly how by exactly when. Don’t start an online program when you already started working towards an eicr certificate.  It’s great to set ambitious goals, but not when it starts taking a toll on your personal and social life. 


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