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Staying Safe During the COVID-19 Crisis: Important Points to Remember

July 14, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   Warm, sunny days are finally here, and some states are beginning to loosen their restrictions on visiting with others and gathering in public places. While it may be tempting to head outside to host cookouts and attend block parties, there is still an element of danger to getting together in large groups. In fact, some fear that lifting restrictions will inevitably prompt a second wave of COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, the U.S. is still experiencing issues, and…

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Ways to Improve Your Sleep Quality

July 14, 2020

by Patrick Adams   Living in an especially busy and fast-paced world makes it really challenging to establish a healthy sleep schedule these days. However, it’s not impossible. These 6 easy tips will help you improve your sleep quality so that your body will feel rested and healthier than ever.   Avoid Caffeine, Tobacco, and Alcohol before Bed Believe it or not, caffeinated drinks will decrease the quality of your sleep. That is why avoiding all caffeinated products such as…

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Five Natural Solutions to Stress

July 9, 2020

Stress can happen to any of us, and it can really impact on your quality of life. Dealing with stress can be difficult, especially if you want to manage it in a holistic manner. There are lots of ways to handle stress with a natural approach, so you can ease stressful feelings without turning to medication, alcohol, or other less than healthy options.    1. Meditation. Meditation isn’t for everyone, but it can be an incredibly effective way to manage…

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Eterneva Utilizes the Latest Technology to Grow Unique Memorial Diamonds From Cremation Ashes

July 6, 2020

Eterneva is a fast-growing company based in Austin, Texas, that makes memorial diamonds, allowing people to memorialize their loved ones in a unique way.   Carbon in the Human Body To understand how the process of making memorial diamonds works, it is important to know the basics of human biology. The human body consists of 92 unique elements. However, there are only four key elements that are considered essential to the makeup of the body: oxygen (65 percent), carbon (18.5…

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How to Take an Holistic Approach to Managing Stress and Boosting Your Wellbeing

July 4, 2020

Nowadays, life can often feel like a whirlwind. You may feel like your days are spent rushing around, always doing battle with a never-ending to-do list. Before long, you can feel like you are permanently stuck on a hamster wheel, and going too fast to ever get off and take a break. From taking care of your kids to working, taking care of your home, cooking, and everything else that makes up your daily routine, it is little wonder that…

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The Emotional Side of Egg Donation: Tips for First-Timers

June 24, 2020
mother getting a vaccine egg donor

Becoming an egg donor is a significant choice and requires careful consideration before you decide to move forward. You may not realize it, but there is more than just a physical cost to egg donation. Don’t underestimate the emotional energy required to go through the process, and to recover afterward. The challenging emotions are also balanced by how rewarding it can be to help someone else conceive. Over two-thirds of women who donate eggs report satisfaction with the experience. Whether you’re…

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A Quick Guide to Clean and Clear Skin

June 23, 2020

For many of us, our face is on display on a day to day basis. No matter how bad a breakout you may have, or how bad a skin condition may get, chances are you’ll have to power ahead and continue with your day as usual – heading to work, keeping to social commitments, attending classes or activities you’d agreed to. Now, there really isn’t any problem with any break out or skin condition and neither are anything you should…

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CBD Oil for Pregnancy: How Moms Are Using and All That You Need to Know

June 17, 2020
Pregnant Woman

By Gynecologist Dr RaeRae   Tired of ineffective medications, people are more and more seeking to use cannabis oil as a remedy for various ailments. Since it became such a trend, a lot of women are wondering if it is possible to use CBD for pregnancy.  We discussed this topic with moms and experts, and we share our findings with you. Let’s be clear – there isn’t anything new or extraordinary in the fact that cannabis has certain benefits. People…

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5 Ways to Have More Time in Your Day

June 8, 2020

There is never enough time in the day. It is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle a busy work life with social commitments, household errands, childcare and all the other time-sucking obstacles that arise in our day-to-day lives. It’s a constant challenge to find enough time to get your work done, let alone have a fulfilling social life or work on personal projects. Sometimes it seems like you need a 25th hour in the day to get everything accomplished.  Unfortunately, we…

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