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5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Malaysia

September 21, 2021

Whether you have been asked to relocate for work or just fancy a change of scenery, Malaysia is has been the number one choice for a growing number of homeowners from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. As a result, the country’s travel and tourism industry has experienced a rapid surge in popularity in recent years. Continue reading to find out why you should move to Malaysia as a single dweller or growing family.   The economy is flourishing…

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Is living in a big city actually good for your mental health?

August 13, 2021
A big city

If you have second thoughts about moving to a big city, be sure it’s for the right reasons. Whether your goal is to get a better education, find a suitable work position, or start a family, always consider it from multiple standpoints. If we told you that living in a large city is ideal, we’d be lying since no location is perfect. Sure, not everyone likes noise pollution, lack of parking spots, big crowds. However, living in a big city…

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5 Best Travel Destinations With White Sandy Beaches in USA

August 2, 2021

The United States of America features some of the best destinations the world has to offer when it comes to sunny beach holiday locations. After the devastating effects of the covid-19 pandemic, travel enthusiasts can now enjoy the pleasures of packing their bags and enjoying warm sunny days on white sandy beaches. Maui, Hawaii The first destination on our list is Maui, Hawaii. This island was once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom and still has traces of its rich…

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5 Reasons Why Travelling is Good For You

July 22, 2021

Travelling is one of the best things that you can do for yourself as it enhances your life in many ways. But if you have been on the fence about travelling, we have some interesting reasons why you might want to duct off your passport and travel the world.   You will learn a lot about yourself When you are stuck in the same place, it can be hard to learn anything new about yourself. When you travel, you are…

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Taste the Flavors of the World Without Leaving Queens

July 20, 2021
Queens, New York City

Queens is the most ethnically diverse place on Earth. Here’s a fun fact: it’s home to over one hundred nationalities. It’s basically a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures, and languages. And, of course, a big gastronomic pot, offering a variety of cuisines. Just imagine a myriad of unique, hard-to-resist tastes, spices, ingredients, and meals. You can get nibbles from every corner of the planet and taste the flavors of the world without leaving Queens. Buckle up; we’re going on a…

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Traveling to the Carvoeiro, in Algarve (Portugal)

July 2, 2021

2021 Update!   As many of you follow me on social media, I love to go to the south of Portugal, called the Algarve, most specifically in the town of Carvoeiro. My family and I always go there for the holidays as it is a simple town, great for families and very calm, but with everything that you need, from supermarkets with British food (just like being at home) as well as great and cheap restaurants with excellent Portuguese food,…

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Beaulieu Attraction Revs Up for Full Reopening

June 9, 2021

Beaulieu is excited to have reopened its indoor spaces since Monday 17th May, welcoming back visitors to the National Motor Museum, Palace House, World of Top Gear, and Beaulieu Abbey exhibition in time for summer, following the easing of restrictions. With Beaulieu’s beautiful grounds and gardens and action-packed Little Beaulieu adventure play area already open to visitors, the next step in line with the Government’s roadmap will see the doors being opened to the much-loved indoor features of the attraction.…

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11 Breathtaking Places To Visit in Your Lifetime

May 13, 2021

As most know, our world is filled with breathtaking places you can visit, both natural as well as human-made ones. Even though it is quite hard to visit all the places in one lifetime, there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least try. For those who want to start knocking off places off their bucket list here are the 11 most breathtaking places you need to visit in your lifetime.   The Ring Road, Iceland     If you…

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8 Amazing Things to Do in NYC This Spring

April 21, 2021

As you’re probably aware by now, New York is the place that never sleeps. Sounds cheesy? Yes, but it’s true. If there’s one place in the entire world that offers so much, then it’s definitely New York City. However, last year, the whole world was hit with the Covid-19 pandemic which unfortunately forced a lot of small businesses to close, while people were instructed to self-isolate and follow the social distance guidelines. New York, of course, took a major blow,…

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