Four Great Educational Destinations For A Family Holiday

Four Great Educational Destinations For A Family Holiday

There is no better way to learn about the world than to see the world. It’s one thing to pick up information in classes at school, from a good browse of educational sites and from documentaries on TV and YouTube – and that’s all worthwhile. It’s another thing entirely to see the places that you’re learning about, to breathe the air and picture yourself back in the mists of history in those places. We all get to understand a bit more about geography and history in particular when we can walk through it ourselves.

So when it comes to choosing a destination for a day trip or a longer journey, there is definitely something to be said for picking a place with some educational heft. If your children are keen on a certain area of learning, it can be a good idea on multiple fronts to choose holiday destinations based on educational potential. And below, we’ll take a look at some of those potential destinations.



If you’re in the UK, then you are fortunate to have one of the most educationally-packed big cities in the world within close reach. In fact, you have several sites within a few hours’ travel in truth, but London is the richest of those. Historically, there’s an almost endless list of destinations, from the Tower of London to Nelson’s Column, from Westminster Abbey to Marble Arch. No matter your subject of interest, there’s a worthwhile destination, with the Houses of Parliament for politics buffs and the City of London for economics fans.



While London has proximity and modern global importance in its favour, Rome is the city for someone with a keen and deep interest in history – and if you can find time to also see Athens, then you’ve covered most of the ancient world from a point of view of influence. Any chance for school trips to Italy should be grasped with both hands – much of how we do things today was taken from the ancient Roman Empire, and the wealth of art, architecture and culture to be found here will touch any keen traveller deeply.


Costa Rica

A more esoteric destination than many, Costa Rica is a place well worth visiting for all manner of reasons – quite apart from anything, you may gain an insight into why it’s consistently one of the happiest places in the world for its residents! But more specifically, Costa Rica is a conservationist paradise with an incredible array of native species in its acres of rainforest. If you want to emphasise lessons about nature, spots such as San Jose and Papagayo are essential places to visit.


Take your pick from the USA

Although a young nation, the USA has a plethora of interesting places to visit depending on what interests you. Kids with a keen interest in space travel will appreciate the chance to visit Houston, for example, while history and politics meet head-on in Washington, DC. New York, meanwhile, offers an exceptionally wide range of sights to see, and the historian in you might appreciate the chance to frequent Broadway and take in the musical Hamilton in the very city where Alexander Hamilton made his splash on his adopted country.

Buying A Family Car? Top 5 things To Consider

Buying A Family Car? Top 5 things To Consider

You’ve decided it’s time for your family to enjoy life. So you’re looking at cars with room for car seats, luggage and little Johnny’s soccer gear. Congratulations!

Head over to the Edmunds website to view car prices, there are also some important things you need to consider first because buying a family car is different from buying a vehicle that you drive by yourself.


Here are five things to consider before you buy a family car:

   1. Will You Be Sharing Your Ride?

Those wheels aren’t just for your new soccer star; they’re for the whole team! When you have multiple drivers sharing one vehicle, it’s important that everyone is on the same page about what the car needs to make everyone’s life easier.


   2. How Many Car Seats Fit?

Car seats are becoming very specialized these days, so finding one that fits in your vehicle is important – but finding out which ones can fit may require some trial and error. If your infant car seat is too wide for the middle of the backseat, you’ll be forced to install it on one side, which could affect your roominess. If the child safety seat doesn’t fit well in either position, bringing a convertible car seat or booster might help ease your concerns about compatibility. You can purchase these before the infant carrier is outgrown, then just switch it out as necessary.

If you plan to have a second vehicle for your older children, remember that you can use it as their main car seat as well as your primary one. This way, there won’t be any question of which seats will work in the new family car.


   3. Cargo Capacity

Cargo capacity is important if you need to transport lots of gear and/or passengers on a regular basis. Suppose multiple people will be lugging sports equipment or cargo; the more room, the better. For example, more passenger space may seem like a luxury, but it can come in handy for days at the beach with extra wet suits, towels and cooler bags.


   4. How Much Room is Left for Cargo?

If you live in an area where you won’t be able to rely on public transport, you’ll need a car that can handle transporting more than just passengers. Sometimes, cargo space is even more important than passenger space because you will be using it for school projects, groceries and other items that don’t fit as nicely as your child’s booster seat.


  5. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency can affect your budget in a big way, so it’s important to consider it when making a purchase. Even if you live in an area where carpooling or public transport are more reliable options, fuel costs will add up over the years.


Bonus Tip: Safety

Safety is another important consideration when buying a family car – it’s not worth sacrificing for cost or fuel efficiency if safety is an issue. Fortunately, modern safety features make driving around town with your little ones safer than ever.


There You Have It

As you can see, there are a number of things to consider when buying a family car. It’s worth taking the time to look around and find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Important Things To Pack On A Music Tour Bus

Important Things To Pack On A Music Tour Bus

Music is one of the most creative forms of entertainment out there. Whether you are rocking out to Nirvana or enjoying Ed Sheeran’s new offering – music speaks to people in different ways and for different reasons. 

If you are a musician or you are working with a band going on tour, one of the most important things to nail is the tour bus. Your tour bus will be a party zone, a chill out space, and where you’ll all sleep while on the road. 

Planning a tour this year? Here are some of the essentials to bring along with you for the ride. 


Extra fuel 

First of all, having a couple of bunded oil tanks filled with petrol in the tour bus is a great idea for you when on tour. On a music tour you will be driving through the night and for many miles between your destinations, and there is never a guarantee that they will be a fuel station when you need it. Bringing along some extra fuel with you on tour will ensure that if you ever do run out, you won’t be stuck waiting for someone to come and help you. 


Drinks and food 

One of the most important things to pack with you on your tour bus is plenty of food and drink. You never know when you’ll be driving through the countryside or a desert with no diners for miles, and that’s why having plenty of stuff on the bus is important. If you have a stove on your bus, bringing along canned goods like beans, soup, and veggies is a great idea because it will last for a long while but will also be there if you need it. Speaking of drinks, pack lots of water with you as well as some energy drinks, but also pack some beers for those celebrations after your shows! 


Warm blankets 

If you’ll be sleeping in the bus from time to time and if you’ll be driving through the night – it can get really cold. That’s why packing plenty of blankets for the ride is an important idea and it will allow you to stay toasty and warm throughout your tour. 



It is always important when you are on the road to pack batteries and flashlights in case you break down and need assistance. Batteries can also be helpful for charging pods for your phones and other appliances that will be useful in an emergency. Always pack an SOS kit in your tour bus just in case anything happens and include batteries in this kit. 


Cleaning supplies 

When you are on tour and there are multiple people riding on the bus, it’s going to get messy and dirty pretty quickly. That’s why you need to pack some simple cleaning supplies such as cloths, antibacterial spray, and antibacterial wipes for surfaces. This will ensure that no matter how long you are on the road, the bus will stay clean and hygienic for everyone on board.


5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Malaysia

5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Malaysia

Whether you have been asked to relocate for work or just fancy a change of scenery, Malaysia is has been the number one choice for a growing number of homeowners from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

As a result, the country’s travel and tourism industry has experienced a rapid surge in popularity in recent years. Continue reading to find out why you should move to Malaysia as a single dweller or growing family.


  1. The economy is flourishing

Before you relocate overseas, it is common practice to research the local economy of the country you intend to move to. Those seeking greener pastures in Malaysia should have no problem. The country is home to the fourth-largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 36th largest economy in the world. As a result, it tends to remain relatively steady with each passing year.

Historically, Malaysia also tends to rank highly when it comes to rates of labour productivity compared to neighbouring countries. This, coupled with the low cost of housing, food, fuel, and public and private transport, had led to the inhabitants of Malaysia living a relatively affluent lifestyle on a budget. If you want to experience a life of luxury for less, Malaysia should be your first choice when it comes to shopping around for a place to call home.


  1. The locals are very friendly

As well as researching the local economy, it may benefit you to find out whether or not the locals tend to be friendly towards non-locals choosing to relocate to their country. Whilst this is never usually a major problem, it can pay to be prepared. It is a well-known fact that Malaysians are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

With an unwavering sense of patriotism and pride in their homeland, they will welcome you to their beautiful country with open arms. They are also quick to go out of their way to provide hospitality if and when necessary and are unlikely to hesitate when it comes to extending their hand to others. This is especially the case with foreigners unfamiliar with the customs and traditions associated with their country.


  1. You will be treated to beautiful scenery

Achieving what most countries don’t, Malaysia benefits from both a booming economy as well as beautiful scenery at every turn. Home to some of the planet’s most breathtaking views, you are unlikely to ever get bored of the natural beauty to be found on your doorstep. For example, if you are looking for a house for sale in miri, you will be treated to some of the country’s best coastal views on a daily basis.

If you prefer to immerse yourself in the sights and sights of the rainforest, dense vegetation covers up to 75% of Malaysia’s landmass. If you are seeking a secluded island to enjoy your retirement, on the other hand, the country is comprised of a number of accessible islands for those on the hunt for Instagram-worthy beaches or world-class sunsets.


  1. The cuisine is world-class

If you are a fan of Malaysian cuisine or are looking to try something different, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the wide range of dishes on offer in Malaysia. With a mix of Thai, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Arab, Portuguese, and even British-inspired cuisines to tickle your taste buds, you are guaranteed to find your next favourite dish when you relocate to the country.

As with most Asian countries, street food is also popular with locals and non-locals alike. Head to some of Malaysia’s famous street food markets for a first-class meal for less than the price of a takeaway coffee. From rice, noodles, and salad to fruit, desserts, and bread, a move to Malaysia may be necessary in order to try out the seemingly endless variety of dishes on offer.


  1. The weather is pleasant all year round

Whether you are fortunate enough to live in a country that is warm all year round or tend to experience all four seasons within the space of 24 hours, the sun shines in Malaysia all year round.

Due to its geographical location close to the equator, warm temperatures tend to be the norm from January through to December. With fewer weather elements to pack for, you will more than likely get away with leaving your umbrella at home.


If you are on the hunt for a new country to call home, Malaysia should be one of the first options on your list. Whether you are a frequent visitor or have only heard good things, there are a number of factors you should familiarise yourself with beforehand. For example, the economy is flourishing, the locals are very friendly, you will be treated to beautiful scenery, the cuisine is world-class, and the weather is pleasant all year round.


Guest Article by Ella Woodward

Is living in a big city actually good for your mental health?

Is living in a big city actually good for your mental health?

If you have second thoughts about moving to a big city, be sure it’s for the right reasons. Whether your goal is to get a better education, find a suitable work position, or start a family, always consider it from multiple standpoints.

If we told you that living in a large city is ideal, we’d be lying since no location is perfect. Sure, not everyone likes noise pollution, lack of parking spots, big crowds. However, living in a big city has many benefits, and it can be appealing.

Whether you choose to rent a property or buy it, here is a list of all the big-city life advantages. Is living in a big city actually good for your mental health? Read through and find out.


Lower depression rates

Yes, you read that right! Contrary to popular belief, living in a big city may actually decrease the rate of psychological depression. A Chicago University team of researchers led a critical study. One of their most important findings is that people in larger cities have more interactions across a broader range of functions.

Given that social isolation is a substantial risk factor for depression, it seemed logical that increasing communication through these many networks would be beneficial. And while we’re on the topic of feeling low, here’s a list of a few things you can do to help yourself feel better.


Better job opportunities

Many will agree – a lack of job opportunities and depression are tightly linked. Living in a big city means more job openings and a greater variety of possibilities. Employment in major cities has increased dramatically in recent years. Several causes, including economic, environmental, and educational developments, have contributed to this growing trend. And, while employment rates vary by region, one thing is sure: the job market for industries that attract professionals of all ages is highly competitive.


A firm handshake

There’s a myriad of job opportunities in a big city.


Despite this well-known, undeniable fact, there are numerous opportunities and a diverse range of jobs one can choose from. Moreover, if you own a small business, moving to a big city might help you promote it and grow into something bigger. If you need to improve your talent, you may be able to take a course to better understand your abilities. Whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, full-time employment, or simply looking for a place to volunteer in your spare time, city life offers opportunities to learn, grow, develop, and serve in whatever role you desire


Transportation system

Buses, cabs, subways provide a relatively rapid and convenient means to move from one point to another while avoiding getting stuck in traffic. These services are pretty inexpensive, and the money you save by not spending a fortune on a car will make city living more affordable.



Living in a big city means you’ll never have to worry about transport.


Most cities are also bike-friendly if public transportation isn’t your cup of tea, especially as sanitization and social distancing continue to lead our lives. Aside from that, taking the train allows you to devote your attention to reading or listening to your favorite podcast. That is if the noise isn’t too distracting and irritating. If you are planning on moving from a town to a city, be aware that the transition can be stressful, and adaptation requires some time.


Meeting new people makes living in a big city good for your mental health

This is one of the major causes of lower depression rates. You can get new acquaintances literally anywhere in the world. On the other hand, a metropolis offers a unique experience because it attracts people from all over the world. With that said, you’ll be running into a lot of individuals daily.

Interacting with people from various backgrounds and walks of life can provide you with a new perspective and help you enjoy it even more. There is no such thing as having too many friends. Here’s a list of reasons for you to make room for more friends in your life:

  1. You will open yourself up to new possibilities and get out of your comfort zone.
  2. New friends will teach you new things that may broaden your horizons.
  3. Your social calendar will be more exciting, and you will always have someone to hang out with.
  4. New people can introduce you to more new people.
  5. Friendships bring joy and enhance one’s life.
  6. Making new friends increases assertiveness and bravery.



Talking about friendships and hanging out, a big city offers many entertainment possibilities. In a large city, there is always something to do to keep yourself from becoming bored.

Most cities feature vibrant nightlife, diverse cuisine, a wide variety of shows to see, museums, landmarks, parks, festivals, sporting events, and much more. You can always find many activities to keep you and your family members entertained.


Shopping and restaurants

As for shopping, you’ll find everything from larger, well-known brands to smaller, artisan businesses. You can buy food at your favorite supermarket or a neighborhood market that sells locally grown veggies and other items.


Stores in a shopping mall

Shopping in a big city is always a fun pastime.


In the cities, there is never a shortage of authentic restaurants. Within a mile or two, you’re likely to discover something that appeals to you, from fast-food chains to fancy restaurants. Cities usually have it all, whether you’re looking for a coffee shop or the tastiest fish tacos in town. Living in a metro area also comes with the extra perk of delivery services. Chinese, Mexican, Ethiopian, Thai, and other cuisines will be a phone call away!


Big city life

Urban life comes with many advantages. Sure, there are also some disadvantages, but they can always be overcome with a bit of optimism. There’s a reason so many people choose to live in cities, and these are just a few. City life differs from living in the suburbs and smaller places.

So, is living in a big city actually good for your mental health? Contrary to popular belief, it is! Hopefully, these few advantages will aid you in decision-making when it comes to where you want to live.



Article by Sally Norton

Sally is proud part of Alejandra’s Life Family

5 Best Travel Destinations With White Sandy Beaches in USA

5 Best Travel Destinations With White Sandy Beaches in USA

The United States of America features some of the best destinations the world has to offer when it comes to sunny beach holiday locations. After the devastating effects of the covid-19 pandemic, travel enthusiasts can now enjoy the pleasures of packing their bags and enjoying warm sunny days on white sandy beaches.

Maui, Hawaii

The first destination on our list is Maui, Hawaii. This island was once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom and still has traces of its rich culture in its architecture and music. The beaches here are beautiful, with soft sandy shores that stretch for miles along both coasts of this tropical paradise.

When you visit, you can experience a variety of water sports, including scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling or simply lounge under an umbrella while enjoying some delicious coconut ice cream!


San Diego, California

Next up, we have San Diego County in Southern California. Known as “America’s Finest City” by locals, it houses half the United States Navy fleet and serves as headquarters to four major military branches. Army, Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), Navy Fleet Forces Command (NFFC) and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. San Diego is perfect for those who love outdoor activities as it has more than 300 miles of coastline, with both rugged cliffs to sandy beaches on one side and calm shores on the other.

Finally, if you’re looking for some time out from running around, this city offers a range of resorts where guests can enjoy spas or live music while overlooking beautiful scenery!


Miami, Florida

Next up, we have Miami Beach in Florida. This popular tourist destination features white sand that stretches along its coast, giving visitors plenty of space to lay back and relax without feeling cramped next to their neighbours or going too far away from amenities like bars, restaurants, shops, etcetera.

This should be on top of your list of future Florida holidays. It also has various activities that can be enjoyed on the beach, including paddle boarding, snorkelling, or simply catching some waves.


Honolulu, Hawaii

The last destination on our list is Honolulu, Hawaii. The capital of the state and a primary gateway to many other islands in the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking for some sun-kissed beaches, then this place has it all! You can enjoy your time swimming at Waikiki Beach or surfing along with locals while taking advantage of any free activities like hula lessons.

In addition, Lei made workshops or just explored historical sites like Iolani Palace, which served as the royal residence until 1893 when King Kalakaua was overthrown by American troops who created a Republic government.


Newport County, Rhode Island

Lastly, we have Lido Beach in Newport County, Rhode Island. This destination is America’s oldest and has been known as an idyllic retreat since 1878 when John D Rockefeller Jr bought it for his family to enjoy during the summer months. Today you will find that this area still retains its charm with gently rolling hills perfect for long bike rides or walks along the water while taking in views of sailboats drifting lazily across tranquil blue seas.

With so many beautiful beaches within driving distance, you are sure to find your place where days can slip seamlessly into evenings spent gazing at distant stars!


These beautiful destinations most definitely have the potential of catering for your next holiday destination, whether alone or with your family.


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