Mattel Play

Oh Mattel Play!

Situated in the Albert Docks, if you have kids…you definitely NEED (MUST) go to the Mattel Play.

Worth every penny.

Your child has so much to see, play, construct and imagine with known characters such as Thomas the Engine, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder, guaranteed hours of fun and a tantrum because they don’t want to leave (RJ did it).

The Mattel Play definitely made my heart melt as a mother. My son was so but so happy playing and happily living in his own imaginary world he completely forgot about us parents.

Thomas The Tank Engine


The mini Trains where your child can ride (see video)

Bob The Builder

Bob the builder

RJ having fun

Me and Bob having a cuppa

RJ having a cuppa too!

Some building helps with Legos or Megablocks for little ones

Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam

Last pic as a blonde

Rj having fun in the Sea Scooter

The inside of the speeding boat

RJ and daddy talking about speed limits in the Firefight truck

Let’s go shopping mum!

Was so much fun!

There is only one thing to be said, but not regarding the play area, is regarding the outside area. 
I noticed that there isn’t too much signs telling you where the Mattel Play is situated. I went on a hunt to find it in the Albert docks, so it really needs probably bigger signs. 

Is such an amazing place. I wished we had one here, I would go with my boy a bunch of times.

Definitely a place you should go!

Thank you to Mattel Play!!
My opinion is Honest and Unbiased