Merseyside Maritime Museum

Liverpool is the land of Boats, sailors and a lot of history. 

One of the cities in England with a lot of history and background.

The HMS Conway salvaged anchor

Merseyside Maritime museum is a free entrance museum divided into 3 floors with different exhibitions:
  • Lusitania: Life, Loss and Legacy / 300 Year of Liverpool Waterfront
  • Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story
  • Slavery

I am going to only show you some pictures and make comments on the same, because to make a full description would be writing a book.

Lusitania: Life, Loss and Legacy / 300 Year of Liverpool Waterfront

These statues, on real scale, are so impressive on how perfect and real they look.
They represent the Boat crew

The beard of these man was impressively real.

Read more about Lusitania on the museum website HERE


Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story

Impressive exhibition! We learned so much. So many myths created around the movie and confused with reality.

Still the 2nd and 3rd class as well as the crew deaths were 90%, meanwhile the 1st class almost everyone lived.

You can smell things like the 1st class soap (wonderful), the engine oil, bread and wet paint.

Some real newspapers of the day

The difference from the movie to the real fact: Captain shot himself in real life,
 in the movie he sunk with the boat.

Props from the 1997 Movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

Read more about Titanic on the museum website HERE


Slavery Exhibition

This exhibition is very touching on how human beings treat the others. 

Slave boat shackles and on the right the medical equipment
to treat them on the boat (inhuman)

This is Today. Unfortunately I have met people that I think are slaves and
unfortunately I don’t have proof.
The UK has slaves from all nationalities. Most of them comes as Immigrants to work and their passports are taken away, becoming slaves for all kind of hard and dirty work.
Some (dirty) tourist that go to India to pay for this…
Until something is really done, this will continue to happen.

See more about the Slavery Exhibition on the Museum website HERE

This museum is free for everyone.