My Books

I love books and reading since I can remember.

I started to write since I was perhaps 9 years old.

My father brought me a typewriter, a white one and electric, it was like I had won another console! A gift that still today I can see it in front of me.

Today, and after studying so much  have several books online.

Ebooks and printed you choose.

Most of them are under my Health professional name, in which I share my knowledge and my researches and most of my students are aware of them.

Then I started to put everything together for my Fiction books, under my alias name.

I leave you a link for them and hope you enjoy them as much as i like to write them.

If you need any help on them or for any inquiry, please send me an email.


The Books in English:


Printed Book and Ebook

Printed Book and Ebook

Book in Portuguese – Livros en Portugues

Livro e Ebook






DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK – NAO Compre este livro!

  • Foi o primeiro livro que escrevi e publiquei. Existe nas bibliotecas mas a Editora Garrido nunca me pagou. Eu tenho os direitos do meu livro que irei lançar novamente e em inglês também.
  • It was was first published book that I wrote. The Editorial team never paid me for this book (ran with my check…because this happens), so as I have the rights, I am launching this book in both portuguese and english.


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