Where to Eat in Liverpool

Liverpool is filled with good restaurants and brands.
Always thriving of people and good vibe, the city centre and suburbs will show you new flavours.

From Spanish Tapas restaurants to Brazilian Rodizios (Steak Houses) to great British Pubs, you have anything for anyone.

I am going to talk where I have been in this weekend, so I can speak for my experience.

Jamie’s Italian
(Sat nav: Merseyside, L1 3EU)

I love Jamie’s Italian and normally is a place we go at our home town.
It was decided to go here on the Saturday of my Birthday since if you have the Gold card for VIP Jamie’s, you get a lot of goodies on your birthday such as a bottle of Prosecco, starters and your Birthday Brownie for free.
Other than that, we go there because we love the food.

I just have to say a little thing about Jamie’s Restaurant in Liverpool:
Please turn the lights on. It was so dark inside the restaurant that I literally didn’t see my food on my plate and the lady n the table on my side was reading the menu with the Mobile Light on!! Yes…it was so dark like that… Jamie dera please turn the light on!

The food was fantastic as always but the fact of the light was a nonsense.

Venezuela Cafe
(Sat nav: L15 0HT)

And since I am latina, and after I searched for any latinos on Liverpool (as in restaurants), I’ve found the Venezuela Cafe in Liverpool and here are some plates to let you know (and open your appetite):

Frescolita:  a Bubblegum soda from my youth

Arepa de Pabellon: A fried bread filled with avocado, black beans,
shredded beef and fried plantain…yumm!

I am hungry now…

The Liverpool Pub (Hilarious!)
(Sat nav: L2 7PQ)

Pizza Hut
(Sat nav: Liverpool One Shopping Centre, L1 8JF))

Because a dose of Pizza is always a good fast choice when everyone is hungry and there are a lot of lines for all the restaurants.
And kids love it!

Note: I paid with my own money, none of the places knew I was a reviewer.
They all were great!