3 Things Your Business Can Recycle To Be Much Greener

3 Things Your Business Can Recycle To Be Much Greener Eco tips

Climate change is a massive problem in modern society that only gets worse year after year. We’ve already seen insane heatwaves worldwide, coupled with crazy cold periods in some places. Our planet is changing, and not for the better. 

Everyone needs to make a contribution, especially businesses. In fact, big corporations are more responsible for climate change than the rest of the population. While your business is small, you can still do plenty to be a greener company. It starts with recycling and cutting down on your waste. Here are three things your business can and should recycle:



Water is such a precious asset these days, particularly thanks to the numerous droughts caused by climate change. If you’re able to recycle rainwater, it can be put to many uses. Local farming businesses can use it for their crops, or you can simply reuse it as water in your business. All you need are rainwater tanks to harvest all of this water, and you choose what to do with it. 



We can also throw cardboard into this, and most businesses will generate a lot of paper and cardboard waste every single day. You might use paper for writing notes or printing out documents, and there are times when you no longer need the stuff. So, you throw it away or get it all shredded up. The same goes for cardboard, though this is usually in packaging. When supplies are delivered to your business, you have so much packaging to get rid of. 

Here, you can recycle all of this stuff so it gets put to better use once more. Old paper can easily be recycled and turned into so many different things – the same goes for cardboard. Or, you can hold onto old packaging and repurpose it. Use old cardboard boxes as extra storage devices in the office, or re-use the same packaging if you ever have to send items off. 


Electrical goods

Most companies are unaware of this, but you can actually recycle loads of your old electrical goods when you no longer need them. This includes old PCs, printers, scanners, photocopiers – you name it. 

As your time moves on, electrical goods slowly become redundant. New versions come out, meaning it’s in your business’s best interests to upgrade them. Otherwise, you’re stuck using a slow PC for ages, reducing your productivity. But, when you no longer need something, contact an electrical goods recycling company to see if they can salvage your old items. You will be very impressed at just how much can be moved on and used again!


It’s all about figuring out ways to reduce waste in your business. If you manage this, you put less stress on the systems designed to destroy waste. In turn, this leads to fewer carbon emissions being sent up into the atmosphere, causing problems with our climate. Listen, these are baby steps, but if every business made a commitment to recycling more and being greener, the world would be in a far better position than it currently is. 


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