5 Things You Should Never Put in a Washing Machine

things you should never put in a washing machine

We’ve all forgotten to remove candy wrappers or cash stuck in our pockets before tossing clothes in the washer. While this may lead to an unpleasant surprise at the end of the cycle, small items like those won’t significantly impact the functionality of the washer.

However, there are many things you should never put in a washing machine to avoid damaging the washer and your clothes. Here’s a rundown of some of them.


Flammable Stains

Various professions involve working in environments with chemicals and flammable materials. When you come home from work and change out of your work clothes, spot-clean the stains with baking soda and water or hot water and laundry detergent. Taking this additional step will prevent damaging the washing machine.


Coins and Keys

Just like dollar bills and candy wrappers, you might accidentally leave loose change or your keys in your pocket. It’s easy to lose track of items when you stick them in your pockets and change clothes.

Keys and coins are small items that can get stuck in the machine’s filters, drain pump, and other valves. Before washing, always check your pockets to avoid harming the washer and personal items.


Fabrics Coated With Pet Hair

If you have a pet with long fur, you’ve experienced the troubles that come with cleaning it up around the house. When blankets, clothes, and towels get covered in pet hair, you might think the fur will just disappear in the washer.

When the pet hair becomes wet, it collects in a large clump. The hair doesn’t exit the machine; it simply sits in the system and will cling to items in the next cycle or clog the pipes.

Instead, it’s essential to use a lint roller to clean away pet hair as much as possible before placing items in the washing machine.


Area Rugs

Area rugs shouldn’t go in the washer because not only can they damage the washing machine, but they can also damage the rug. The last thing you want is to put the rug in the washer and take it out to find it’s ruined.

Instead, it’s best to vacuum, spot clean, or use a professional area rug cleaner. You want the rug to maintain its beauty, and putting it in the washer will shorten its lifespan.


Shoes With Leather

The last thing you should never put in a washing machine is a pair of shoes made of leather. You typically toss a pair of fabric sneakers into the washer when they’re dirty. This cleaning method works, but not for any shoes with leather components.

Leather is more likely to peel when placed in the washer. It’s better to take your time and spot clean these shoes when they need a good cleaning.

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