Adult Coloring Books – The New fever

Parents (Adults) rejoice!!

Coloring is no longer for kids anymore!

The new adult fever is here:

Buy some new crayons, felt tips or color pencil, grab some coloring books and start putting those mean and negative ideas from either work or bad relationships with people around you.

Is a very relaxing method and is recommend by doctors for people who are with Depression or suffering from anxiety, etc.

You have many many book with many themes.
Here are some that I found and some that I bought (guiltyyy).

How cool is this book! Let the stress out. A page per day will make that mind get fit…if the book tell you to rip a page (which it does) you will do it!

And Alas!
I discovered a new app (Free app) that you can color it on you mobile or Tablet:

Cheerio! And get painting!

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