The hyphens are there for a reason.

Anxiety has been a topic that most artists are now (finally) freely talking, and then the public decided to give the proper importance to it and talk about it. Good!

But one thing is talking and other is doing something regarding it.

Anxiety should not be considered a weakness. I heard a couple of boys telling this to another one: Anxiety is for girls with PMS. They are probably between 14 to 15 years old. This is soooo wrong.

Anxiety is not gender related and, not so fun fact, men are more prone to anxiety than women.

Anxiety have several causes that can trigger its manifestation. Nowadays we can relate to these ones more easily:

  • Work or School
  • Bullying (cyber or not)
  • OCD
  • Trying to be perfect because they might be forced to it (grades, looks, etc)

I suffered from work anxiety. I liked what I was doing, but not with whom I was working, making me, sometimes, stop my car in the middle of the street to breathe, and in consequence hating to work in my architecture. This was the reason why I stopped working in building and design, and turn myself to the health profession.

I then decided that I needed to do something regarding it. I quit my job, started to study in medical school and have other hobbies, such as meditation and yoga, plus painting and writing.

But… Anxiety is a symptom. not a condition. Anyone can be anxious, will be anxious at any point of their life because our society is determined to be perfect and make everyone perfect. It’s not and will never be.

Anxiety will come and go, but once you start noticing the signals, you will learn how to cope with it.

Anxious to go somewhere? If you get too anxious, well don’t go. You’re not weak if you don’t turn it around.

Fears should be faced, anxiety is not a thing you can force. if you force yourself you might turn the anxiety into a depression or other mental problem. Truth.

My advise to you would be this one:

Take it easy and try to understand WHY you’re anxious. Take that moment to really understand and analyze it. Try and see WHEN that moment in the past made you feel anxious and HOW were the ways that you used to surpass that anxiety. Continue on that analyzing line and try to be the person for outside nailing it, like you have another self of you, and have a plan B (as I say…I always have a plan B) and start doing the WHAT you can do to surpass that.

Can’t do that analizis in the first time you’re anxious? Don’t worry, try in the second or the third. You will get there.

As I said previously: Anxiety is a symptom, not a condition. So even if you take any pill to keep calm (I have been there, but I do prefer to have homeopathy at home, or some Rescue Remedy drops), the truth is: problems won’t be surpassed. they will still be there and until you take the reigns of your self-esteem, they will always be there, and the anxiety will grow to the point of depression. Pills will help for a certain period. You will have more anxiety, doctors will increase or change to a stronger pill, the anxiety will be there and you will be hooked up on pills, so will be a snow ball. In the middle of the ball if anxiety. And a snow ball cannot melt until it reaches the centre.

Easy to said than done right? Right, but that’s why you can speak to someone about your fears, because even if you think you’re alone or nobody cares, someone will definitely be there.

Always remember one thing about you:

You’re unique. You can be tall, short, slim, curvy, big eyes, big nose, thin lips, whatever. That makes you unique. Who you are, not being a fake to yourself and staying true. That is your uniqueness. and most of all: Respect for yourself and for others.

Just something to think about without judgements, because this world is pretty crazy but pretty amazing as well.


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