Atention Dads/GranDads – Prostate Disease – Prevention and Help

In the UK, about 1 in 8 men (13%) will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives . 
While there is no guaranteed way to prevent the disease, there are steps that may help lower the risk – especially for those at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

In my personal experience, I knew a father of a friend of mine that when he knew he had Prostate Cancer, he recurred to natural medicine. 
Back then I was a teenager and (I really don’t know) but he probably took a few medicines. But one of the things that I knew he took was Aloe Vera and ate tomatoes all the time because a doctor in Africa told him that.
He lived 13 more years, working and living peacefully. 
Those 13 years let him see his daughter get married.

As well as leading a healthy diet and lifestyle, men who are at risk or worried about prostate cancer may benefit by supplementing their diet with a revolutionary new supplement, ProfBiotics Prostate. 

Welcomed by leading cancer experts, it has been developed in consultation with Professor Martyn Caplin, consultant gastroenterologist at London’s Royal Free Hospital, following a comprehensive review of clinical evidence investigating the role of specific nutrients in prostate cancer prevention.

The supplement has been formulated to contain the specific blend of ingredients to help support prostate wellbeing:
Lycopene (found in tomatoes), which helps the normal function of the prostate, and is good for maintaining normal urinary function in men aged over 45
Pomegranate, which has supportive health properties in the prostate gland due to the polyphenol gallic acid compounds
Green tea, which helps to protect prostate health from oxidative damage

The formula contains the equivalent of four pomegranates, 12 cooked plum tomatoes and the same quality of polyphenols found in 10 cups of green tea, which would be difficult to consume each day through diet alone. 

Cancer experts have welcomed the initiative. 

Justin Stebbing, Professor of Cancer Medicine and Oncology at Imperial College London, comments: 

Any approach which may help reduce cancer risk utilizing diet and appropriate nutrients is of huge potential value for individuals and society.  The combinations used in these products are in line with the results of scientific research studying different tumor types and represent a new approach to tackling cancer incidence through diet and nutrient supplementation. The formulations may also have a role during and after cancer treatment for nutritional support, and to counter adverse effects of chemotherapies.”

ProfBiotics Prostate is priced at RRP £29.50 and is available from, or by calling 020 7193 8838.

Thank you to ProfBiotics and Spink
Cheerio and #reduceyourrisk

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