Christmas Book List Ideas from Miles Kelly

I am a lover of Books. Since I can remember. And I love Chirtsmas.

When I was 7, my father asked me what I wanted for my Birthday and my response was as always: Books.

And the best present that a person can give is books, at my mothers place I used to have thousands (literally). Resuming: I am a bookworm. 

And fortunately so as my son RJ.
Reading brings you not only more culture but let’s you enter in a free imagination zone, your own world, stress free (or depending on the book).

This year of 2015 was full of books (thankfully and a big thank you to all the authors/publishers, that gave me those gifts).

And to help you on this Christmas, I made this List of wonderful books with the links so you can have an idea on the books that are So IN right now, for children, Teens and adults as well.

Christmas Stories Collection
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Christmas Stories is an enchanting storybook collection, brimming with magic, fun and goodwill to make this special time of year or children.
  • Beautiful illustrations and Christmas-themed page decorations throughout.
  • Each story is simply retold to appeal to young readers.
  • Perfect for reading aloud with younger children, or for confident children to enjoy alone.

Big Book of Christmas Stories
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Big Book of Christmas Stories is a wonderful collection of three classic Christmas tales and one well-known carol for kids. 
The stories included are The Snow Queen, The First Christmas, The Nutcracker, and the poem is The Twelve Days of Christmas.
  • Large pages with brightly coloured illustrations to bring characters to life.
  • Large text encourages children who are learning to read and appeal to kids who enjoy story time.
  • Beautiful, full-bled artwork scenes, full of precious detail that kids can pore over.

The First Christmas

The Nutcracker
Mini Classic Box Set
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Mini Classic Box Set contains four timeless stories, unabridged and charmingly illustrated in a card slipcase, for children aged 8+.
  • In each book, favourite characters and scenes have been re-imagined in 20+ beautiful full-colour plate illustrations.
  • Helpful notes enrich the reader’s understanding of the story.
  • Small, handheld size of each book make it easy and comfortable for children to hold.
  • The Books included are: The Wind in the Willows, The Jungle book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz (these last books I don’t have a good pic)

Each book comes with it’s own box

As any Miles Kely book:
the interior are so richly illustrated. Love it!

Mowgli and Balou…oh the memories!!

Lovely poems

The Miles Kelly books are wonderful. They are a mixture of stories, poems and illustrations that will definitely remind you old books wonderful illustrations. I am really in love with them.

Thank you to Miles Kelly for these wonderful gifts and for letting me know that there still publishers that make the effort toward books.

Cheerio #readingisculture

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