Designing Your Home In Line With Modern Utilities

Designing Your Home In Line With Modern Utilities

Most people would agree that a home needs to make accommodations for the utilities within it. Something as simple as making sure every seat in the living room has a good view of the main television is important – or perhaps the fact that light won’t shine into your eyes in your home office for two hours a day is something worth accommodating.

As creative and free as good design can seem, the best of it often rests on raw practicalities and focused, engineered outcomes worth keeping in mind. When we can design our home in line with those utilities and conveniences, it becomes not only pleasant to occupy but functional and useful to live in.

This is especially important to consider as modern utilities become more and more prevalent. For instance, clearing space in your garage for an automated door to lift up seamlessly, to making certain that your staircase design can accommodate a lift for your elderly live-in relative, sometimes, design needs to be more than just a nice color pattern.

In this post, we’ll discuss three further examples of things to keep in mind when planning in this way:



The installation of the utilities can provide the parameters for how you then install refurbished decors, or they can inspire you to make a change with the fixture in question. For instance, fixing a doorbell camera may mean fitting a new doorbell system. Implementing curtains that can be controlled by your smart voice assistant may mean placing a new curtain pole. When we plan for these dimensions, we can more readily ensure that our fixtures and upgrades work in tandem with them, not against them.



Getting the best out of your utilities is important. Making sure that access to the small water boiler used to separate two bathrooms water access can be a big help, ensuring that two en suites will not affect one another if both room owners take a shower.

Utilities can also be designed around, such as making sure your OCCOM installation and router allows for maximum Wi-Fi spread in your household – providing a platform for the fixture and also ensuring it’s not blocked by placed furniture surrounding it. In some cases, a technician that comes to help lay the line can be a big help and is worth investing in.



Of course, the aesthetics of the overall space can be defined by these utilities in kind. It can be worthwhile to use the same neutral wall paint colours as an air conditioning unit, for instance, so that it blends into the wall more easily.

The same can go for lighting around certain implements, like backlighting for the wall-mounted television so that it looks cleaner and more prominent. Similar materials in a space, such as a TV stand matching the similar wood type of your sit-down table, will help you ensure a more uniform and consistent approach from room to room.


With this advice, you’re certain to design your home in line with modern utilities – even if you want to manage a rustic space with all the mod-cons.

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