DIY on “chewing” baby Cotbed

In a moment of your baby’s life, he will have his teeth and he will be chewing everything… EVERYBODY will have this phase…

He chews the TV remote, pillows, socks, furniture, your finger and nose (yes…laugh…you don’t know pain when he will put his little teeth on your nose…oh the pain! (a bit of drama here…ok but seriously…painful… really!)

So RJ had a thing for chewing his cots wood… he must be into DIY as well, because he did a good job on taking the paint first and the get to the wooden part… But then things got serious since he could get a splinter inside his mouth and this is very dangerous.

The only way I had, with the only materials I had in that moment was to protect the structure and in the same time for him not to be hurt and add a bit of decor.

This is just a urgent suggestion with things you have at home, you can do your own decor later.
Think about your child don’t get hurt, that is the main reason, not if it got beautiful, you’ll take care of that later.

See the chewing place??

Why couldn’t he had chew on the lateral sides
that got protection against chewing??

I took of a huge splinter that
he could have swallowed 

You need:
An old pillow case or
other fabric you want to use

Cut the fabric to make 1 whole line of fabric,
like if it was a scarf.

Start to put a knot in one end, a go crossing the fabric
covering the whole bed frame.
Don’t forget that when you reach the other end,
to end it with a strong knot.

I put some ribbons I got in my sewing box.

The final result.
It’s not “cute”, but at least he is definitely
not getting splinters in his mouth.

Note: This was just an urgent solution and I am going to choose a new fabric to decorate it better.

Note 2: strangely after I made this, RJ never again chewed the bed… 


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