Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead Vacuum Review


Today I am reviewing the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead Vacuum.

The Dyson is a known brand that I knew only on the TV but never had tried it personally.

I have to say that this is in fact a Musclehead!

It’s a very good vacuum with a powerful suction that recognizes the wooden/linoleum/ceramic floor from carpet (and rugs).
I am a bit OCD about the carpet since I have a ton of allergies, and I really thought that my carpet was clean, but when I tried the Dyson I noticed that a normal vacuum can’t get all the dusts and awful dirts deeply.

I was completely amazed by it.

There is a button on the bigger head (as you can see in the video) that says MAX. I tried it, and I think I am strong, but the suction is soooo strong I couldn’t get the vacuum head from the floor… of course hubby could do it. 🙂

When it’s full and you need to clean the dirt from the vacuum, is easy as you can see and no messy bags that sometimes are too filled and can rip off (yes it did happen to me).
The handle is ergonomic and has a pull that reduces the strength suction so it can be easy on the rugs, for example.
The cord has a very good length, bigger than the normal vacuums which is a plus side, the down side is the noise of the vacuum, is normal. I thought it could be a little quieter or smooth, but maybe with all that musclehead power that couldn’t be possible.
A good side is also the Design and the fact that it never tumbles or falls. It will always stay upright, so you don’t have to worry it will fall.

Brings all the accessories needed and it a good investment for the household.

From my point of view, this Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead Vacuum has a 5 star review.

Excellent vacuum and now I understand people loving Dyson, you get what you pay for it.




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