Foodie Adventures: Exploring Beer Culture in The United States

Foodie Adventures: Exploring Beer Culture in The United States

Not so long ago, beer was merely for college kids looking to get drunk cheaply or for dads and uncles who couldn’t care less what was going down the hatch as long as it signaled the end of a hard day’s work. But as the country evolved, so did its beer culture.

If you’ve been wanting to dive into the world of craft beer, here’s an overview to get you started.

The Best Beer Styles in the U.S. for Beginners, Intermediates, and the Future Connoisseurs

Obviously, what counts as the “best” beer style is subjective and open to debate. But, as any true beer drinker knows, it’s hard not to have your own take on what makes a perfect journey into American craft beer fandom.

Here’s ours!


For those just dipping their toes in, consider starting with a stout. These dark, rich beers are known for their deep flavors that often hint at coffee or chocolate. They’re excellent for rounding out a meal, reading a book, or sipping in front of a roaring fire.

Once you’re ready to expand your horizons, try branching out into Imperial Pilsners. At their core, Imperial Pilsners features a solid foundation of pale malts, giving them a noticeable bread or cracker-like taste. This malty base is complemented by a clear hop flavor. Depending on the brew, this hop character can be earthy, floral, and grassy, typical of European hops, or it might surprise with a zesty citrus note from American hops.

Now to get a taste of the deep end. This might be a bit controversial, but yes, we’re recommending that beginners try an India Pale Ale (IPA). It might not be pleasant right away, but there’s nothing better to awaken that feeling of boundless exploration and adventure many of us had with our first beer.

Modern American IPAs shine in the beer scene, marked by their vibrant hop flavors that range from citrus and floral notes to pine and tropical fruit nuances, depending on the hop variety and its interaction with the ingredients. These beers usually have a notable alcohol content, typically between 6-8% ABV, and present a lasting hop bitterness that’s both bold and engaging. However it goes for you, that first IPA will let you know right away if you’re in for the long haul as a craft beer lover.


American brown ale takes inspiration from traditional English brown ales, focusing on a malt-rich flavor. However, it amps up the taste with bolder, roasted grains that bring to mind the essence of dark chocolate or coffee, setting it apart. Not only does it boast a caramel-like sweetness, but it also balances it with a distinct touch of American hops, adding a unique twist. This beer is a bridge between classic and bold, inviting both newcomers and seasoned drinkers to appreciate its layered complexity.

Press on with these two beers: American blonde ales and American pale wheat ales. At their core, both share a quality of being pale and offer a taste that leans towards a grainy or bready sweetness. What sets them apart from being just another hoppy drink is their subtle balance of bitterness, which makes them neither too sweet nor too bitter.

These beers have traditionally been the first step for many into the vast world of craft beers, providing a gentle introduction to more complex flavors. Furthermore, they’re a perfect choice for private events like corporate functions and parties, as they appeal to novice beer drinkers, while still delighting the discerning tastes of connoisseurs.


Just when you think you’ve just managed to handle your first taste of an IPA, along comes its big sibling! Double IPAs are a bold step up from their IPA cousins, packing more punch in both alcohol and flavor. Think of them as IPAs turned up a notch. They bring a rich mix of tastes to the table: stronger alcohol, more hops, and a fuller malt flavor.

Despite what you might think, they’re not just about being extra bitter or sweet. The real art in making a Double IPA is in balancing these elements just right. They mix a slight sweetness with the powerful hop taste and the warmth of alcohol, creating a drink that’s rich yet smooth. You’ll find layers of malt flavors, from caramel-like sweetness to hints of bread and honey, all blending with a crisp finish.

Another style that will truly test your taste buds is the American barley wine. These beers are not for the faint of heart, with ABVs ranging from 8 to 12% or higher. The intense flavor profiles are packed with rich notes of caramel, toffee, date, and prune, which come from the barrel-aged process.

Wrapping Up

You’re now ready to explore the diverse world of American craft beer with confidence. Remember to sample various styles from different breweries. Diving into new flavors can lead to surprising finds, so don’t hesitate to try something out of the ordinary. Here’s to a future filled with enjoyable discoveries in the beer universe!


Article by Chatty Garrate

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