Genius Hacks To Make Your Home Smell Better

a pack of dryer sheets for home hacks

There’s nothing better than a pleasant-smelling home. But candles and diffusers don’t offer long-lasting aromas. Luckily, you can use these genius hacks to make your home smell better! Simple techniques make a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Apply Vanilla Extract on Lightbulbs

You probably don’t think about vanilla extract outside of baking treats. However, it can make your home smell amazing. Turn off your lightbulbs and dab a few drops of vanilla extract on them. Let the lightbulbs dry, and then turn them back on. The gentle illumination will diffuse the scent in your home. The subtle aroma can improve the smell of bedrooms, pantries, bathrooms, and other rooms.

Dab Essential Oils on Fan Blades

A genius hack to make your home smell better is to dab essential oils on fan blades. The scent will disperse inside the room when you turn on the fan. You don’t have to wait for candles to fill rooms or diffusers to waft scents. It’s a quick way to freshen your home and maintain a lasting aroma in certain areas. Use different essential oils for each fan in your home, or combine oils to create personalized scents. Here are some popular essential oil combinations:

  • Lavender and tangerine
  • Orange and lemongrass
  • Lemon and peppermint
  • Cardamon and sage
  • Sandalwood and eucalyptus

Simmer Citrus Fruits in Pots

Some odors are more challenging to remove than others. For instance, burning or scorched food can leave a lasting, foul odor in the kitchen that wafts into other rooms. A quick fix is to simmer citrus fruits in a pot of water. Slice lemons, oranges, and grapefruit, and then place them in a pot of water on low heat. As the fruit simmers, steam releases into the air, making your kitchen smell better.

Store Dryer Sheets in Drawers

Dryer sheets aren’t exclusive to dryers; they’re also great for other places! A cool tip for keeping your closet smelling fresh is to store dryer sheets in drawers. The scented sheets absorb odor and add a sweet aroma to drawers. You’ll enjoy an amazing scent every time you open your drawers or closet doors.

Place Car Fresheners on AC Vents

Attach car air freshener clips to your home’s AC vents to improve the smell of any room. They reduce bad odors and disperse pleasant scents throughout your space. They’re also small, making them unnoticeable in most vents.

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