Gro Company The Chair Harness Review

I’ve received the most recent product of the Gro Company.

The Chair Harness

Gro Company, one of the brands most known by parents, normally associated to the newborn swaddles, Sleeping bags (which are the BEST thing ever made) and his wonderful Egg clock, now released the Chair Harness.

The Chair Harness is a chair for those Out and About days, those trips to a family or friend house, to go to the restaurant, to go anywhere really, and you don’t need to bring along his high chair or any other bulky replacement of chair. 

The whole chair harness

The chair harness fits any chair thankfully to his system of several loops.
My chair is really high, not a Mackintosh type…but somewhere there, and when I grabbed the harness to start reviewing it, I thought it wouldn’t fit… but it did wonderfully.

RJ very happy on it

It’s very easy to assemble and easy to pack it.
Everything being packed in a little bag that fits in your bag, it’s the most convenient and easy thing and really light weight… for the parents that know how the baby bag is so full of things and sometimes weights a Ton…this is a plus side.

The only thing that is a minus side for me, is that there is only one pattern, the stripy one, but sincerely: It’s one of the most easy products for kids I’ve seen… And I DO research!

It’s a safe chair. 

You look at it and think:
It’s only a piece of fabric…no it’s not! The whole system was thought for safety.

I picked RJ (my almost 1 year baby), which he never stops with always his full energy levels in the max, and sit him in the chair with the harness.
He moved a lot, the harness is flexible but kept him safe. I even moved the chair sideways to see how safe and it worked (see in the video). So it passed on my tests.
it’s very easy to clean since the fabric is a easy to clean one and if something happens you can put it directly in the washing machine, there is no need to take parts to wash, just pick it up and put it inside the washing machine.

The Chair Harness is from ages 8 to 30 months.
The child must sit without support.

How to Assemble:

Take it out of the bag, unroll it. 

leave the bag and the final part of the loops on the back of the chair.

Select the loop that is more convenient regarding your chair height

Make sure is really secured

Sit your child and tie the front part in front of the child.
Secure in the back in the loop so the child is comfortable.
In my case I couldn’t pass it to the back loop since my chair is too high, but the chair was secured.

How to Pack

Leaving the packing bag for last, go rolling or folding  until reaching the last flap, then put it inside the bag.
Easy right? 

Some Safety tips:
  • Ensure that the chair is placed on a stable surface
  • Follow the fitting instructions carefully, don’t go making crazy things with it, remember that is you child’s safety
  • Do not leave your child unattended whilst using the chair harness
  • Inspect regularly for signs of wear and tear, do not use if anything is damaged
  • Do not allow your child to stand up whilst in the chair harness
  • Remove all hazards from your child’s reach
  • This is not suitable as a car seat (see…crazy ideas)

  • Light weight
  • Easy to assemble and put it away
  • Secure
  • Fits all chairs
  • Comfortable for babies from 8 to 30 months (the child needs to sit by himself without support)
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Comes with a bag built-in, no need to have another bag (sometimes loosing it)
  • Price really affordable (£10 on Gro Store)
  • It’s from One of the best brands for children with good reviews because the products are from quality!

  • Only one pattern

Over all this product gets a 

See My Video


Thank you to the Gro Company 
and Glass Digital

Cheerio and #keepchildrensafe

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