Have You Made Your Office COVID-Safe?

Have You Made Your Office COVID-Safe?

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside-down. Virtually all countries globally have been affected by the disease, and even today, it continues to disrupt many places.

While COVID-19 vaccines and relaxed social distancing rules have meant that infection and mortality rates are low, the disease is still causing problems for businesses and organizations everywhere, ranging from staff shortages to logistical challenges.

You’re probably reading this blog post today because your business has an office which everyone works from, but you’re conscious that COVID-19 is still disrupting your industry. With that in mind, you want to do everything possible to keep the disease at bay.

The following points illustrate some practical steps your business can take to keep its employees safe in the workplace:


Keep Your Office Clean

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your office is always clean.

One of the best ways to achieve that goal is by taking advantage of office cleaning services – that’s because professional cleaning companies can ensure all surfaces are clean and free of any bacteria that might contain COVID-19.

The frequency of your cleaning will depend on the size of your office, how many people work there, and how often your staff are at work.


Encourage Working From Home

Another way to make your premises COVID-friendly is by not having people there! In practice, that’s often impossible – but one thing you can do is limit the number of people working out of your office.

If your team members only need a computer and a phone to do their work, it’s possible to have them work from home and supply them with a laptop and mobile phone to complete their duties each day.


Educate Staff About Cleanliness

The risk of COVID-19 transmissions is high when people don’t have good hygiene and cleanliness practices.

For example, it’s easy to assume that everyone knows when and how to wash their hands, but the ugly truth is that many people’s hygiene standards leave something to be desired.

Educating staff about good hygiene practices like hand-washing can be challenging without appearing patronizing. But, it’s possible to educate by giving simple reminders and taking other steps like making hand sanitizers available in hallways or by office entrances.


Space Out Your Desks

Do you have a large office space? If so, one practical step you can take to encourage social distancing is by spacing out people’s desks. Of course, it’s not always possible to space desks two metres apart, but you can usually create some space.

If space is tight in your office, consider installing screens or desk dividers on each desk to diminish the risk of COVID-19 transmission among your colleagues.


Limit Visitor Numbers

Last but not least, you could consider another measure like limiting the visitors to your premises. Encourage video meetings with clients and suppliers instead of having them visit your premises.



The above points are some of the best ways to help your business make its premises COVID-safe for employees, customers, and visitors.

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