How To Get Customers for Your Upholstery Business

How To Get Customers for Your Upholstery Business

Deciding to start your own business requires nerves of steel. Getting your operation off the ground can be tough, and so is finding clientele for your business. The upholstery business is no exception.

If you’re tired of searching the internet for start-up hacks, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our tips on how to get customers for your upholstery business below.


Create a Social Media Account

We can’t stress this enough. It’s the 21st century, and you’ll be left in the dust without a social media account—your upholstery business is no exception. That said, you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin. Go where your customers are.

Upholstery work is trendy among millennials and older generations, so a Facebook account—typically used by people ages 40 and up—and an Instagram profile—used by Millennials and Gen-Z—are ideal for your business.


Your Word Is Everything

Your word and your promises are everything. Reply to your customers promptly and do what they ask, within reason. Go the extra mile. If they see you’re extending to them to ensure they’re taken care of, you’ll have customers for a lifetime. They’ll leave positive reviews and spread good things about your business by word of mouth.

Essentially, they’ll do the leg work for you, and your efforts and integrity will encourage people to flock to your business like moths to a flame.


Make Sure You’re Prepared for Clients

How will you get your brand off the ground if you don’t have the right tools for an upholstery business? Beyond acquiring the tools you need, you must also determine a business location—unless you’re working from your home, which is perfectly valid.

Consider any inventory management software you may need and employees you want to hire. You must ensure you’re ready to set up shop and take on your clients. These are crucial steps for starting your upholstery business.


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