How to Make Your Customers Feel Welcome

How to Make Your Customers Feel Welcome

The secret to business growth is not always learning heaps of cash or being in the right place at the right time. Many business owners will tell you that their success comes from their customers. Of course, a business cannot thrive without customers, but it’s often how you treat them that determines your company’s survival.

The best place to start is as soon as they walk through the door, so here is some advice to make your customers feel welcome. 


Set Up a Comfortable Reception Area 

The reception area is the first exposure many customers or clients will have, so you need to make it as comfortable as possible. A wide reception area stops clients from feeling claustrophobic, while plenty of seating also gives them a chance to get off their feet while they wait to be seen. 

Comfort is even more crucial in the medical sector considering the patients’ apprehension regarding dentist or doctor appointments. A professional and welcoming dental clinic reception desk can help to put visitors at ease when they arrive for their appointment. 


Keep Your Office Clean

Cleanliness is also a vital element in making your customers feel welcome. After all, if your office looks like a pigsty, what’s to say that your treatment or service won’t be subpar, too? 

It takes minimal effort to tidy the reception area and provide enough bins for employees and customers to discard rubbish rather than leave it all over the place. 

You can also encourage your team to tidy their desks at the end of each day. Not only does this make the customer feel more welcome, but it will also improve productivity. 


Make Everything More Organised

Everyone has visited an office hoping to speak to someone only to be told their preferred person is busy, away, or stuck in a meeting. This can point to a lack of organisation that makes customers feel like they aren’t wanted or appreciated. 

You don’t want to double-book clients for important meetings, either. So, appointment scheduling software can prevent misunderstandings and ensure that managers know who they are seeing every day. This also means there will always be someone available to meet with customers and solve any problems they experience. 



Smiling is a vital element of customer service, and it can make a significant difference between an enjoyable retail experience or meeting or one that paints your company in a terrible light. 

If you have greeters at the front of the store, the least they can do is smile when welcoming customers. The same goes for receptionists when asking patients or clients to come up to the desk. 

However, smiling isn’t just vital in person. You can also smile when talking to patients or customers over the phone. It may not seem like it makes a huge difference, but your intonation will be different when you smile, which impacts the conversation positively. 


Welcome Back 

Your customers should always feel welcome when entering your workplace,v office, or store. But, it’s not enough to say hello. You need to think about everything that could impact their experience and make the space as welcoming and comfortable as possible. 


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