Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Lavish

Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Lavish

Feel like you’re staying in a luxury hotel every night. Follow these interior design tips to transform your space and upgrade your bedroom in no time. Here are five inexpensive ways to make your bedroom more lavish for inspiration.

Add Throw Pillows

Plush and oversized pillows transform rooms because they’re stylish. Buy throw pillows for the bed and other furniture inside your room. You can factor in seasonality and incorporate pillows that match different occasions. For example, have a pumpkin pillow for Fall and a snowman one for Winter. You can also purchase pillows that match your bedding or overall aesthetic. The style possibilities are endless!

Style Your Nightstand

Nightstands can become the junk collectors of your bedroom if you’re not careful. You can easily clutter furniture with random things, from phone chargers to hand creams. Fortunately, styling your nightstand is an inexpensive way to make your bedroom more lavish. Buy a cute lamp, add a unique picture frame, or place a small sculpture on the stand. Create a glamorous display that reflects your style, and only keep must-have items inside the drawer.

Install Floating Shelves

Make your room feel larger and more luxurious with floating shelves. Many beautiful pieces are available in wood, metal, glass, and acrylic to fit your style. They maximize space in small bedrooms and add a modern aesthetic to homes. You can store artwork, containers, footwear, and other possessions on the shelves. The functional additions are practical yet stylish features in any room!

Update Your Hardware

Want to know a secret? You don’t have to keep default hardware on your bedroom sets. Replace handles and doorknobs with lavish materials like copper, crystal, and gemstone. The simple switch adds visual interest to bedrooms and refreshes your aesthetic. Hardware upgrades are one of the cheapest and easiest enhancements, so complete this task today!

Have a Statement Blanket

Besides the comforter, do you have something else to snuggle under? If not, incorporate a statement blanket inside your space. Typically, people lay them on beds, armchairs, or other furniture. They’re pleasant and comfortable additions to bedrooms, especially on chilly nights. Enjoy cosy materials like cotton and wool, or choose faux fur for a plush feature.

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