Make Your Home Office Work For You

When starting your own business or getting a job that allows you to work remotely – having the perfect home office is important. If you want to be as productive as you can be when working at home it is crucial that you create a workspace that is comfortable, inspiring, and organised. 

Today we want to talk about some of the different ways that you can modify and decorate your office at home this year to ensure it works for you and provides you with the best possible environment to work efficiently. 


Keep it bright 

Light is a huge factor when it comes to productivity and alertness – and when working for yourself at home it is essential to keep yourself awake and alert throughout the day. As such, make sure your home office is bright and has lots of light sources whether it be cool white led lights or a large window close to your desk.

Natural light can make the world of difference to your mood as well as your ability to concentrate on work and it is important to choose a part of the house that will get a lot of this light throughout the day. 


Add lots of storage 

When making your own home office it is important to invest in lots of storage for your files and other documents. There will likely be a lot of things you need to use and store in your home office and this is why a storage shelving unit is essential for the space.

Avoid cluttering up the floors of your offices with papers and other items because a cluttered space actually hinders your ability to concentrate and work efficiently. Be sure to work hard to keep your office organised and tidy and it will make the world of difference to your every day working life. 


Ensure a window 

It is important when working in an office at home to be close to a window. This is not only for the light you will receive throughout the day but it will also help you by providing the room with a fresh supply of air.

Fresh air is a key component to productivity as it will keep us awake and alert and healthier throughout the day. Make sure to provide yourself with a dose of fresh air throughout your working day by leaving your windows open or on the lock. 


Add some decorations 

When creating an office space that really speaks to you, it is important to consider making the space your own. Putting your personal stamp on the office will not only look better, but it can have a positive impact on to it morale as you have been able to decorate your own workspace to your liking.

You can buy anything like plants, click here for inflatable globes, hang a movie poster, or even display some action figures. Being able to decorate and put your own stamp on your office is amazing and it will be exactly what you need to boost morale and keep you focused. 


Consider a feature wall 

A lot of the time big offices will have a plain and simple decor that includes some form of white or clinical grey adorning every wall. Not only is this boring from a design point of view but it can have an impact on people’s morale and their mood.

Colour impacts psychology in a certain way which is why brands use colour to pull people in. Having a feature wall in your office such as pink for creativity or yellow for happiness is a great morale booster and it may actually help your workflow in the long run as your brain will react positively to the colour. 


Hang up inspirational art 

When we look to decorate the walls of our office, there can be more than a photograph of a cityscape or a whiteboard to enjoy. Consider adding some quotes or inspirational art on the wall that helps you move forward toward your career and life goals. For example if you want to be able to afford a home abroad you may want to hang a photo of your favourite country on the wall to inspire you to keep working hard.

Pick things that will drive you forward and this will have a huge impact on your ability to work hard and move forward. 


Use a to do list whiteboard 

We mentioned a whiteboard above – and a whiteboard can actually be a useful tool to keep in your home office. If you often find yourself hopping between tasks and procrastinating with others – this is a sure fire sign you need something to drive your focus on the task at hand.

Your whiteboard can contain a list of the most important jobs you need to complete in a given week and you can have the satisfaction of ticking items off the list when completed. It may sound like a trivial task however visually ticking tasks off a wider list helps the brain compartmentalise your work and it will drive you forward optimistically to reach your goals for the week. 


Get multiple screens 

One of the things you might notice when you start working from home is that your screen seems a lot smaller than it did when you were in the office. This is often simply an illusion due to your smaller working space, but it can also be because many offices will provide their workers with 2 or more screens to work from.

Consider investing in another screen to support your work and it will allow you to perform tasks much more efficiently and simply. 


Invest in a comfy chair 

Comfort is an important part of working effectively and you must invest heavily in the health of your back when working at home. Be sure to invest in a good supportive chair and this will make all the difference to the way you work every day. 


Use these tips to help build the perfect home office for you this year and become successful working for yourself.


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