Night In: Fun Activities for an Adult Sleepover

Night In: Fun Activities for an Adult Sleepover

Who says sleepovers are just for kids? If you want to relive nostalgic memories with your friends or just want a fun night in, hosting an adult sleepover is the perfect solution. Gather your pillows, blankets, and snacks, and prepare for a night of laughter and good times. Remember to make the night enjoyable with these fun activities for an adult sleepover.

Spa Session

Consider having a spa session if you and your friends need self-care and relaxation. Purchase face masks, nail polish, and other beauty products that you and your friends love. If you want to take things to the next level, consider hiring a masseuse or mobile nail technician.

You can create a relaxing ambience by turning on soothing music, lighting candles, and dimming the lights. Everyone will feel like they’re at a luxury spa in no time.

Pajama Fashion Show

Who says pajamas are just for sleeping? Have a pajama fashion show and show off your most stylish and cozy sleepwear. It’s a fun way to showcase everyone’s personal style and get some inspiration for your own sleepwear collection. Tell everyone to grab their favorite pair of PJs and get ready to strut their stuff on the runway (aka your living room).

Cocktail Making

Grab the cocktail shaker and unleash your inner mixologist. Your guests will love crafting their signature cocktails, complete with a personalized name. Set up a selection of drinks and spirits, along with some fresh fruit and herbs, and let your guests unleash their creativity.

Sit back, relax, and taste-test each concoction until you discover the perfect one. This activity is enjoyable, and everyone may discover their new go-to drink.

Lip Gloss Making

Set up a DIY lip gloss station and let everyone create a custom gloss. With simple ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax, you won’t need to break the bank. Check out some homemade lip gloss recipes you should try and purchase the supplies to make the party great.

Fondue Party

Create an interactive dinner with fondue. Set up a delicious fondue station with either cheese or chocolate (or both, if you’re feeling fancy) and provide a variety of dipping options. Here are a few tasty choices:

· Strawberries

· Bananas

· Pineapples

· Bread

· Broccoli florets

· Steak

· Potatoes

Board Game Tournament

A board game tournament is a fun activity for an adult sleepover. Guests can bring out their inner strategist with a variety of games. Ignite the competitive spirit with Monopoly, Sorry!, Chess, Scrabble, and other games. Additionally, ask guests to bring their favorite board games.

Hosting an adult sleepover is a great way to spend time with friends, have some fun, and relax. With these activities, you can create a memorable night that everyone will talk about for weeks to come.

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