Pregnancy Tips: Why the Bra Matters!

I was approached by so many of you in my email about this, and while talking (emailing) I decided to post about this matter.

Either you can or not (such as was my case I couldn’t because I had blisters and sores, and my nipples were so sore to the point of having absolutely no skin and were raw open) breastfeed, a good Bra is needed.
I had some breastfeeding bras but as I didn’t have much money, I bought the best I could and cheaper.

The fact is I had to change them very often, as the size of the back and the cup sizes were changing (A LOT!) and it was actually a mistake of mine to continue to buy cheaper ones, because If i had read this article (that I am writing now) I would definitely had made the effort and buy a probably expensive one but that would fit my entire pregnancy.

A good breastfeeding bra should have several fastening (at least 5 sizes) in the back, because your back will enlarge for sure; have a good opening fast in the cup area, giving you a good access to the breast and for your baby to access it easily as well as being opened fast (and beware those tiny tots when they are hungry, their food crying will be loooud!) and also give you a cup support and a strap support.

They might not be the most sexy or the cutest bras, but they are absolutely needed!
A good Breastfeeding Bra will help you not only with being practical while breastfeeding, but to support the weight of the breasts and also to help your back (your already tired back after the big bump).

While researching for pregnancy stuff (nothing here…continue) on Amazon and online (you know I do love Amazon shopping), I got to an Italian brand that designs comfortable bras for breastfeeding.

Their website can be seen here: and I will translate what it says:

All mothers that breastfeed with success has a little secret!

The Bra for breastfeeding is that secret and it will help you during the feeding!

In this complete guide, only in a few minutes, will answer all you questions and you can check the table for the comfort that will help you choose the breastfeeding bra that will fit you and adapt to your body and your needs and demands.


The Table showing what to use during the night and even what type of closing should your bra have, can be checked here: Breastfeeding table 

Very practical indeed and not very expensive as I thought.
My tip for you, if your pregnant, is to really think about your breastfeeding bra.

Even if you’re not going to breastfeed, your breast will enlarge and if you think to use a normal bra, think again…

That and buy breastfeeding pads because milk will come out, as our body is a wonderful machine when we are mothers, an absolute clock to know when our little one’s need their food.

Breastfeeding Bra’s will also make the best gift in baby showers because is a practical gift and very much needed.

Check the bra’s on Amazon: Amazon Breastfeeding Bras
Check the Breastfeeding Bras article with all tips:




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