Summers Over But Your Health Kick Shouldn’t Be!

Are we exaggerating by saying that the summer is nearly over? We think not.

Compared to the summer that we had last year, and the vibe that it brought with it, we just know that this year has been nothing of the same. And we know that you will have had this conversation with so many different people, because it’s a nationwide thought that the summer we had is well and truly gone…if we had one at all.

We’re not sure whether your expectations were too high, or whether because we didn’t have the blistering heat of the heatwave last year, that it just hasn’t been as good. But either way, we’re over halfway through August now, and the summer nights will be coming to an end before we know it.

One common goal that many of us had, would have been to get into shape for the summer, and to feel better than we have ever done before. But with the faint cry of the chill coming towards us, it’s making those all important health kick thoughts disappear. But the thing is, we shouldn’t just be doing this for the summer fun, we should be doing this to better ourselves all year round.

There really is no time like the present to fuel the health kick fire, and we feel as though this article is really going to help. So keep on reading, and see if we can inspire you to reach your goal.


Kick Those Bad Habits To The Curb

Bad habits are something that we all have. It doesn’t have to be health related. We could have the simple bad habit of snoozing the alarm, and we don’t realise how much of a negative effect this is having on our day. But the bad habits that we want to address, are the ones that are going to affect your health directly.

Smoking is one of the most common bad habits that have a negative effect on health, that the whole world has. Even though there are so many smoking campaigns in place, it would still seem that people are picking up that cigarette, and doing all sorts of damage to their insides. So although you might not be ready to give up that sweet craving of nicotine, that we know once it has a hold on you, it’s so hard to get out of, why not give up all of the chemicals that come with it. Vaping is a big craze at the minute, with people who don’t even smoke choosing to do it because they like the flavours.

But for those of you who do have a bad habit, it could be your saviour. All you need is a standard vape pen, juices such as the high VG vape liquid, and willing to use it rather than lighting a cigarette. It’s such a cheap habit as well, and an easy way to quit. You still have that sensation of smoking, and you still have that nicotine rush, you just don’t have all of the harmful chemicals that come with it!



Beat Your Fear Of Exercise

When you think of exercise, you’ll most likely think about getting all hot and sweaty at the gym, feeling like you can’t get enough air into your lungs, and collapsing on the sofa to never do it again.

But in all reality, exercise is so much simpler than that, and we have two techniques that will get you into shape. The first is simply walking each day. All you need to do is an hour a day, and even that is much more than the recommended amount. But what an hour a day will do, is open up your lungs, get the blood pumping, and get the fat burning. You could even split it into two half an hour chunks. But when you have your earphones in, you enter into your own world, and suddenly half an hour is gone. So all you have to do is find the time to do the other half an hour, and you’re onto a winner.

Walking is one of the most effective methods of fat loss when coupled with a decent diet, even that doesn’t have to be pristine clean. You just need to reduce your fat, salt, and sugar intake! A treat a day will keep the bad diet at bay! Daily yoga is another suggestion that we think you should couple with walking. It stretches your muscles, builds strength in your joints, and is a great form of toning up that means you don’t even have to leave your home!



Images from Pixabay

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