Is your water affecting your health?

I have something to say: I am obsessed by the water me and my family drink.

After much research in my career and working with people with cancer and other diseases, I have to say this thing for sure: The water you drink makes a large impact in your health!

The amount of minerals and chemicals that water has, in a medium-long period, will lead you to your health being manipulated and for you to develop a condition, unless you do something about it.

Did you know for example that excess of mercury and lead, will poison your body? Your immune system will lower and anything, such as a simple cold, will have a great impact in your body and your immune system is so debilitated by it that it can actually lead to a pneumonia or even death? If your immune system is debilitated, it cannot create the anti-bodies to protect (the normal fevers, which is actually your body fighting virus).

This article is not a solution but the beginning or even a better life quality.

The water is divided into hardness and Softness. The harder the water quality is, the worst it is for your health, because of the quantity of minerals, not the good ones, the nasties like mercury or lead.

So I’ve decided to try out a new water distiller called Megahome Distiller.



What is Megahome Distiller

Megahome is a water distillers that creates pure water, with no contaminants, no pollutants, nothing that can do you any harm.  Only distillation creates pure water, as this water distiller is more effective that carbon water filters. Distilled water is cleaner than bottled water because ALL impurities are removed including chlorine, antibiotics, fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria, viruses and hard water minerals.


Why Megahome Distiller was my choice

I wanted something that lasted more than a few litters and also something more professional that I could keep for longer and giving me more litres, as we drink a lot of water at home.

A distilled water is proved to improve hydration, tastes cleaner, helps in hair and skin and saves me money.

The Megahome bring a kit and is easy to mount up, and its not so bad on the eye as a decor.



The Kit

Megahome brings the machine itself that will heat up and deliver fresh clean water onto the large jug that you can store in the fridge or even serve directly from it, as it’s nice.

My kit brought 6 filters for the tap of the machine, the cleansing powder, the cables and the instructions.

For more videos on how to install, see more on MegaHome.

The 4 litres are ready for about 4 hours and the machine is not very noisy.



My thoughts about it

It’s a great distiller. The water tastes super clean and I have never tried any water like it. You can honestly see the nasties that are on the bottom of the distiller, when it’s done, and I was amazed by it.

The only thing I honestly would like to see featured on the machine was a self stop timer, or even a timer so you could see how long till is done. other than that you need to check by the height on the jug and set a timer yourself. Please Megahome put a digital timer!

Definitely worth the investment as this is a professional machine, I am using mine since the moment it arrived and I will continue to use it. I normally fill a jug and several bottles and store them in the fridge and in a cold cupboard. That way I always have clean water for everyone.


For more options and information on the Megahome Water Distiller please check online:


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