Taking care of a Dog

I love Dogs. I am a Dog person. Faithful little buddies, playful and intelligent. Sometimes with too much enthusiasm, Dogs are there by your side. They need you and you need them.

Right now, and with my way of life and where I live at the moment, I don’t have a dog. But I used to have many of them, as my parents used to breed German Shepherds (my favourite) and Fox Terriers.


Baby 2010 – I Miss this little black nose!


My last 2 dogs, father and son, Junior and Baby (it was supposed to be Baby Face aka bad boy mobster, we only called him Baby), died last year (Junior) and Baby passed away 3 years ago when I was pregnant (my mum and sister kept that news for some months until I started to find it odd I never saw it again on Skype).

They were scared of my reaction because Baby was just that: My little Baby. He was the last one to be born from the last breeding pups, and I actually helped his mum to deliver him (during her labour) and held him, it was such a moment for me that I asked my parents to keep him.

We had a connection that I don’t think I can find with any other dog. When he was really sick I was the one taking care of him, but when I left to come to another country, my mum was the one taking care of him. But 14 years of dog years went by and our little faithful buddy was too sick and old and went to Doggy heaven.

I will miss him every day, forever.


Baby 2007 – Him sleeping with his buddy – I Miss him dearly.


But having a dog is not always pretty and fun and cute.

You need to be responsible for him, for his well being, for his food, to have a place where they can run and be happy. Otherwise, they will become neurotic and depressed, to the point of reaching aggressivity and destroy your place. And THAT will be your fault. Because if you spend too much time inside your house, without space to run or to move, you will get depressed and aggressive. It’s like a child. You need time to take care of him and to nurture him. Play with him and feed them. Not forgetting his health.

Having a dog (and I am used to really big dogs to medium size) is expensive.

So make sure you make your calculations regarding food, health expenses and his toys or more accessories, such as in a dog playpen. Your bill will increase. The bigger the dog, the bigger the bill. But mind not, if the breed of the dog is small, the chance his health will be lesser than the others is higher. Did you know about that?


Baby 2012 – I had a thing for his nose.


Some websites about Dogs have good articles and tips about what to buy and to make you think, and calculate, what your costs can be when you get your dog.

Taking care of a Dog is time-consuming. I always refer to this: It is like having a child. From having your vacations with them to a specific hotel that can accommodate your dog, to leaving your dog in a place that takes care of them (hotels) or having daily activities with them.

My mum always told: “you want a dog, you take care of them!”, and I did.

Now, are you prepared to take care of a Dog? They will give you the best years of loving, and they will always be by your side even when your days are going wrong and you scowl them. But their happiness when they see you is priceless. Nevertheless, there are factors to be considered.

I don’t know if in the future I will have Dogs, the passing of my dogs still cost me and hurt me a lot, but I prefer to keep the memories and funny stories on my heart and mind.


What is the best tip you can say to anyone that wants a Dog? Leave a comment below about this!


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