The 3 Top Bathroom Design Trends of 2022

The 3 Top Bathroom Design Trends of 2022

The wonderful thing about interior design and home improvement is that you can always expect new design trends to rise to prominence. These themes and ideas can open our minds and provide a source of inspiration for our next home design project.

One area that may lack creativity is the bathroom, as it can be relatively one-note in terms of design opportunities. Consider using some of the top bathroom design trends of 2022 to add a dynamic look to your home.


Stunning Features

Nowadays, many people enjoy adding stunning and unconventional features to their bathrooms. We are a far cry from the white, sterile bathrooms that were a popular trend in the recent past. As such, you will see many people incorporating splashes of colors and fun details throughout their bathrooms. One common addition is a mural or accent wall with intricate and scenic designs. This bold splash of color can really add character to a bathroom.


Soft Pieces

When you think of your bathroom, you might never imagine adding soft pieces of furniture, but incorporating this texture is one of the top bathroom design trends of 2022. We tend to shy away from delicate furniture in this space, but these textures can add coziness to the otherwise cold environment. However, this trend doesn’t mean you have to go add a furry cover to your toilet seat. Many homeowners add a soft touch through vanity stools, which provide an opportunity to add a unique design in a practical way.


Spa Ambiance

If you have ever gone to a spa to receive a massage, you know that the ambiance is an aspect that makes you feel incredibly calm. As a result, many try to bring that atmosphere home by incorporating it into their bathroom designs. One of the benefits of installing glass shelving is that it helps you achieve a spa-like, sophisticated ambiance. Glass is a fantastic material for interior designers working to create a spa feel, so you might also consider glass shower doors.


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