The Most Challenging Aspects of Working in Retail

The Most Challenging Aspects of Working in Retail

Working in customer service can be a thankless job with many hiccups. Specifically, being a retail worker on the sales floor is an occupation that can be frustrating and lead to burnout. Knowing and accepting the most challenging aspects of working in retail could help you overcome these obstacles to make each day good.

Rude Customers

Whoever created the motto “the customer is always right” obviously never worked a retail job. While 99 percent of customer interactions are pleasant, a select few think they are above anyone else, with an attitude that shows it.

It may be difficult to forgive and forget when someone is unconscionably rude to you, but it’s part of the job description for retail workers. You must try to put on your brave face, grit your teeth, and handle the situation professionally. After dealing with someone inconsiderate, take a short break to gather your thoughts before returning to the sales floor.

Times They Are A-Changin’

Retail corporations rely on technical innovation to grow and stay ahead of their competitors. Unfortunately, those improvements can lead to confused employees who must adapt to the new status quo.

Employees who cannot pick up on the new protocols as quickly as others can feel defeated and frustrated coming to work each day. Therefore, try to find companies that integrate new technologies or work instructions slowly.

Clash With Management

Suppose you have a manager who tells you to move on after a tyrant of a customer or is harassing you to learn the company’s new ways without proper training. Sadly, these managers are too common in retail, which can make you discouraged each day you clock in. No one should ever be afraid of or resent those in leadership. After all, the best managers inspire their workforce to go the extra mile without fear being the motivating factor. All retail workers deserve that type of manager, so don’t settle for one that’s anything less than that.

Hours of Standing

Thanks to Henry Ford, the most common workday for many individuals is eight hours long. However, combining eight hours of work and standing all day can make for a long shift. Standing in one spot for a long period with minimal movement can be worse for your body than running all over the store. Fortunately, other than short breaks, there are ways to combat this issue. An anti-fatigue mat is one of the types of floor mats every retail store needs and can alleviate the aches and pains you’d feel standing on the hard floor. You should only work at stores that provide these mats at registers and other locations employees stand at for extended periods.

Erratic Schedule

There are no such things as weekends when working in retail, so planning vacations or other happenings can be a hassle. While many places tout flexible scheduling as a perk—which it sometimes is—you might still need to jump through hoops to get the time off you desire.

Knowing the most challenging aspects of working in retail can help you address and manage them. Retail can be a nice part-time gig to earn extra cash, or you can work through the ranks and become that great manager you always wanted to work for. Whatever your dream, knowing how to navigate the challenges will do wonders for your career.

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