Top Tips For Keeping Your Brain Sharp

The brain has been studied in detail for centuries, and in the past thirty years we’ve had more technology than ever that allows us to map the brain and understand it more.

The brain is the only organ in the body that has named itself, and that makes it one organ that is deserving of our respect! 

The body requires exercise, sleep and nutritious food to be able to function properly. The brain is no different, except that it cannot exercise in the way that our muscles do. Instead, the brain needs to think, to solve puzzles, to understand and learn – that’s the exercise that the brain does to continue functioning.

Keeping your brain sharp is important, and the more you look after it, the more you can recognize the signs of illness and the signs of Alzheimer’s. The brain needs to be looked after, and you need to know how to do it. So, let’s take a look at some top tips that you need to keep your brain sharp as you get older.


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Physical Exercise

While the brain itself doesn’t ache like muscles do after a run, your brain still benefits from physical exercise.

Just half an hour per day can help to keep your brain sharp. You can reduce your anxiety and stress levels with exercise, and this directly benefits your brain.


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Seek Medical Help

Prevention is better than cure, and you can visit your doctor at any time to get a check-up. There are a lot of conditions that affect the health of the brain, not just dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Conditions like hypertension and diabetes can affect the brain as much as smoking can, and even depression can make the structures of the brain change. With regular check-ups with your doctor, you can ensure that you are at the very best health you can be.


Eat Well

What we eat fuels our body – you already know this. However, what we eat also feeds our brains. A diet rich in nutrients is exactly what your brain needs.

Maintaining a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables is exactly what your brain needs for successful thinking, health and to feel energized.



When we don’t sleep, our brains suffer more than anything else. We know that a lack of sleep has a huge impact on our cognitive abilities and the more we ignore the need to sleep, the more we are depriving our brains. It’s not ideal and it leads to cognitive decline.


Relaxation Is Key

Everything that we do today is done faster than ever before. We are under a huge amount of social pressure and career pressure. The better we relax, the more we can give our brains a chance to switch off from the constant thinking.

It’s so important that we have enough time to relax and unwind – so you need to take a step back and set time aside to avoid thinking about anything at all.


Our brains require our close attention to keep them healthy and to be able to recognize the signs of decline. This way, we can do something about it before it becomes a problem.


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