Ways to Dog-proof your home with style

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Dogs are wonderful creatures. They give us a whole lot of love without really expecting anything in return. When you think about it, your dog’s existence revolves around you and the inside of your yard and house. However, dogs do come with certain annoyances as well. For example, white carpets are a mistake for any household with a dog because they constantly bring dirt into the house.

To help you avoid mistakes like this, we have put together a list of ways to dog-proof your home with style. We hope you find it helpful.


Dog-proof fabrics

To put it simply, certain fabrics are not meant for houses with dogs. Chenille and velvet are basically magnets for dog hair. Today, you can get furniture specifically designed to resist odors, bacteria, and stains. When looking at furniture, remember that the best choices are:

  • Weathered leather – cleaning it is extremely simple.
  • Microfiber – it is incredibly durable, and spot cleaning is easy.

Matching the color of your upholstery with your dog’s fur is a great way to hide their shedding. If you want to keep your current furniture, there are still some options. Getting slipcovers for your furniture is a perfect choice because they can be thrown in the wash when dirty. Keeping your household decluttered should also be a priority to avoid needless messes and accidents.


Modern leather furniture
Dog resistant fabrics are your best choice when trying to make your home dog-proof and stylish.


Dog bed

While they have been tamed and turned into house pets, deep down, dogs are still creatures of habit. They need a place to go when they are anxious, tired, or stressed. Dog beds are critical because they provide a safe space for your dog to retreat to and rest. This plays a massive part in your dog’s comfort and health.

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, keeping the old dog bed is a great way to make them feel comfortable while adjusting to the new environment. Alternatively, if the dog bed isn’t working, you can get an indoor crate instead. They serve the same purpose, but certain dogs have shown that they feel safer in crates rather than dog beds. Also, keep in mind that placing a dog bed (or crate) in your bedroom is the best choice because they feel safe in your company.


Make a dog-safe environment

Much like you would kid-proof your home for an active toddler, you need to dog-proof your home against potential dangers. Dogs are very active animals, and they can easily get in trouble without meaning to. So, take a walk through your home and note down anything potentially dangerous. For example, getting childproof locks for lower cabinets will keep your dog away from chemicals.

Remove any small decorations which could be choking hazards. Generally speaking, making a safer environment for yourself also makes it safer for your dog. Protective covers on cables and outlets and protecting your home from power surges is a good idea. Using overhead lighting instead of floor lamps is also important since lamps can be easily knocked over. Finally, investing in a dog camera as a way to check in on your dog at any time is a wonderful idea.


A white dog sleeping
Making a safe environment for your dog is both beneficial to you and very good for the dog’s mental and physical health.


Install durable flooring

Especially if you’ve recently moved into a new home, installing new, more durable flooring is a top priority for a household with a dog. Carpets and dogs don’t get along well, dog hair gathers in them, and no matter how thorough you are, you can’t get all of it out. Ever. As such, non-carpeted surfaces are the best choice but keep in mind that some of them get easily damaged by larger dogs.

If you want the look of wood, consider getting cork vinyl or a durable laminate, as they’re both easy to clean. Alternatively, ceramic tiles and stained concrete are both stylish options, and neither will get damaged by your dog. If you’re moving into a home with these types of flooring, then great. But, keep in mind that experts from benhur.com always warn that you should protect your flooring when moving into a new home.


Make a mudroom

Chances are, your home already has a mudroom. So, why not make it a space where your dog can also clean up before heading into the house? This is an excellent way to dog-proof your home against needless dirt. So, set up a space in your mudroom that will serve as a pet clean-up area. Tile the lower portions of the wall and the floor to protect against splashes after a walk in the rain or snow. Including a bench with stain-resistant fabric cushions is a great choice.

Additionally, shelves, under-bench pins, and wall hooks are excellent ways to store leashes, towels, and treats. While cleaning is therapeutic, sometimes having a dog can make it overwhelming. Having a mudroom to clean your pet if they get dirty outside is a great way to avoid having to clean your home every other day thoroughly.


A dog sitting outside
If you want to keep your home as clean as possible, making a mudroom is your best choice.


Ways to dog-proof your home with style – closing thoughts

Having a dog is a wonderful experience. They make great companions for almost any situation, and their unconditional love can easily make anyone happy. But, keeping your pet comfortable and happy goes hand in hand with protecting your home from any damage. While this can be a bit of an investment, it will be worth it for both you and your pet. We hope you enjoyed this list of ways to dog-proof your home with style, and we hope you found it helpful.



Article by Sally Norton.

Sally is a member of Alejandra’s Life writing team.

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