Why Cleaning and Organizing Can Be Therapeutic

Why Cleaning and Organizing Can Be Therapeutic

We’ve heard numerous times why the organization, decluttering, and cleaning are beneficial for your home. It’s a way to create more space, put forgotten items in use, and make your living space better. However, did you know that cleaning your home can make you feel good?

There are ways that these activities help people both mentally and physically, even without them realizing it. Here’s why cleaning and organizing can be therapeutic for you.


Predictability feels good

Cleaning your home is a predictable activity. Sweeping motions are repetitive and expected and feel like a ritual. And people like the feeling of predictability. It is connected with safety and peacefulness. That’s why cleaning and organizing can be helpful in times of busy work schedules and generally unpredictable and risky times. It’s a way to keep yourself busy and distance from the daily chaos and stressful situations.


Exercise is good for the body and soul

When you clean your home, you are doing a physical activity that is very beneficial both for your body and soul. Like any other sports activity, this one also helps release endorphins and make sure you feel good after it. These trigger a positive feeling all over your body, so even though you feel tired – you also feel good and relaxed. Regular physical activity such as this one is great for dealing with depression and stress. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your cleaning routine and make the most out of it.


The feeling of satisfaction

When you finish organizing and cleaning an area of your home, you get a familiar feeling of satisfaction. After any small victory such as this one, you will feel good about yourself and your accomplishments. This is why you should tackle some of the neglected parts of your home and expect this amazing feeling afterward. If there’s a drawer, shelf, or a room that you wanted to organize for so long – now is the time to do it. Take a messy part of your home and make it a project. Declutter that room, organize the items, and clean the surfaces to get a more functional and more beautiful piece of your household.

If you realize that you home and your mind will benefit from a fewer item cluttering it, let PortaBox Storage take care of your stuff for you. You will have these items when you need them, but they will be out of your sight when you don’t.


A clean and good-smelling home will lift your mood

A space that is clean and smells well certainly helps you feel good. Just remember the feeling when you last entered a beautiful, fresh-smelling store or any similar place. It felt good, right? Well, you can make your living space give you the same feeling by improving its cleanliness. Do a thorough clean-up and invest in some air fresheners, air filters with essential oils, or some scented candles. However, be sure to remove the sources of odors first – let this be a dedicated cleaning session that will make your home fresh and beautiful.


Improve your focus

If you have trouble concentrating and finding focus, this may happen due to mess and clutter in your home. A messy environment creates a lot of distractions. That’s why it prevents people from focusing – especially those working from home during the pandemic. So, cleaning and organizing will help you stay concentrated when necessary and clear your mind when you need to take a rest. If you work from home, this is even more important. Consider turning a messy nook in your home into a mini home office. The whole process of dealing with this project, as well as the results, will surely make you feel good about yourself and give you a beautiful place to work.


An organized home – organized mind

When you live in a messy home, it is difficult to organize daily tasks and get through your day without any problems. Such a home will take away more of your time when doing simple everyday tasks and increase the stress. And when we say that cleaning and organizing can be therapeutic, we mean that these activities help you stay organized in your busy daily schedules. How to do it? Well, first go and declutter your home. You will get more free space and also reduce the stress by throwing things away. Next, organize the items you have left and make sure each item has a dedicated spot in the house. Once you know where to find each item in your home, it will be much easier to make meals, do crafts, do laundry, etc.

Remember: decluttering doesn’t always need to mean you will throw away most of your items. You can remove rarely used items from your household but save them until the next time you need them. You can rent a storage unit and securely store your things away from your house but still keep them at hand.


Don’t go overboard

Taking care of your home is indeed beneficial for you on so many levels. However, there should be some boundaries as well. Firstly, cleaning shouldn’t become a stressful obligation to you. Set your limits and do general cleaning when it’s necessary, or you’re in the mood for it. Also, home cleaning and organization shouldn’t become a getaway from problems or daily tasks. Once you notice you avoid tasks that you need to do and do cleaning instead – it’s time to reconsider why you do it. Also, if the levels of stress and anxiety haven’t dropped after cleaning your home – think about the true reasons for it and look for other methods that can help you out.


Have a strategy

Once you understand how cleaning and organizing can be therapeutic for your body and mind – you might get an urge to do a thorough cleaning of your home. However, this can be overwhelming, particularly if you have a busy schedule. Therefore, you should always have a strategy with such a big project. Try cleaning one room at a time, which is the best way to stay organized and efficient. You will not risk burnout and stopping in the middle of the process. Take it slowly, and make this cleaning session enjoyable and genuinely therapeutic.



Article by Sally Norton

Sally is a proud member of Alejandra’s Life Family team


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