What Are Clever Ways To Save Money This Year?

What Are Clever Ways To Save Money This Year?

We often set goals to improve our health, relationships, and careers. How about having more money this year? Financial savviness is a skill for everyone, and you can achieve it through various methods. Let’s explore some clever ways to save money this year.

Dive Into the Free Entertainment Scene

If you think going out means swiping your card, think again. Most areas have free activities waiting for people to discover them. Check out local community boards for free music concerts, art walks, or outdoor film screenings. Join a book club at the library or hit the hiking trails in your area’s state parks. The experiences might elevate your social life without deflating your wallet.

Fashion Forward With Wardrobe Care

Fashion is one of those wonderful ways to express yourself, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your bank account. Get creative with your clothes by styling them differently. Additionally, you can extend the life of clothes by properly hanging and folding them. Essentially, take better care of your clothes to make them last longer. That way, you can avoid frequent trips to the mall for replacements.

Errand Efficiency Fuels Your Savings

We often don’t notice how much we spend on gasoline when we run errands. Spend a Sunday night planning all your weekly errands in one trip. This saves on fuel and frees up time in your week for other, more enjoyable activities, such as a movie night with friends or extra quiet time for yourself.

Ditch the Gym but Keep the Fitness

Gym memberships can be expensive, and many people underutilize them. Consider canceling your membership and opting for at-home fitness. Try YouTube videos with fun (and free) classes. Awesome workout content creators include Chloe Ting, Joe Wicks, and FitnessBlender. And if you prefer fresh air, walking, running, and cycling are always free at your local park.

Tech Tools for Thriftiness

Technology is on our side when we become more financially savvy. Using discount apps is another clever way to save money this year. Apps and browser extensions like Honey and Rakuten can help you find discount codes and cashback opportunities when you shop online. Use price comparison websites to ensure you receive the best deal. The small savings might not seem like much initially, but they add up over time.

Join Community Savings Group

In a world where consumerism reigns, the ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook groups and neighborhood exchanges are a welcome respite. By joining a local group, you can give away items you no longer need and find new treasures without spending a penny. This reduces waste, and you can find items you need for your home, wardrobe, or hobbies, all while practicing financial responsibility.

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