Why Should You Set Up A Blog For Your Business

The rapidly-changing pace of the world is such that starting up a business – something that used to be the result of days, weeks or even months of painstaking work – can now be done in an afternoon. That’s thanks to the internet, and so too is the fact that your business can now reach a potential audience in an ever-growing number of ways.

One increasingly popular way to give a business an online boost is to host a blog on your website. Below, we’ll go into some reasons why that’s a sound idea.


It gives your business a voice

Many business websites, beyond the advertising slogans and establishing shots of their premises, don’t do much to set the business apart from others operating in the same niche. There are only so many ways you can pose a product to make pictures stand out in your online store, so how do you differentiate yourself?

A blog allows you to write engaging, useful content that will give customers a reason to come back. If it’s entertaining and informative enough, it may even lead to publicity in the wider media.



It’s easy to share

When you know how to appeal to an online clientele, blogging is just the start of your sales journey. Writing blog posts – whether they be topical, instructive, amusing or heartfelt – allows you to go to social media with something original and interesting.

Share your posts on Twitter and Facebook, illustrate them with a pic you can post on Instagram, and find ways to get them on every other social media site going. You may even vlog on YouTube. It’s free publicity, and in a format that makes you easy to remember.


It’s a reference for other people to find you

When people pay for a product or service, they are reassured to know that the person on the other end of the transaction is knowledgeable, experienced and honest.

This is something a business blog allows you to do in a way that’s hard to replicate otherwise. Not only this, but timely blog posts get shared on other sites and that helps you rank with the top search engines. Look at the infographic below to see how your blog can build those useful backlink.


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