World Digestive Health Day: The 1000 days of Child nutrition – Stop Child Obesity

Today, the 29th of May, is the World Digestive Health Day and nothing is better than to speak what we give to our little ones.

Globally, the level of childhood obesity is increasing at a startling rate and there are more children overweight in Europe than in any other continent.

Everyone makes mistakes in Parenting, if we make “mistakes” in our food while adults because we are either too tired to make dinner, to stressed to make proper food, to empty pocketed to buy vegetables (yes the meme of the hamburger!) but is true!

We try our best as parents to give to our children the best nutrients and best food we can, sometimes we give them the best and keep the bad for us…sometimes we have bad days, am I right?

But when I realize some things, I feel really but really feel guilty.

When I was pregnant I used to say: McDonalds? only when he is 5 years old and as a treat or Chocolate?? no way Jose!!! He’s not getting the glimpse of chocolate in his life till he is like 10… all mistakes that someone without the experience of having kids.

Yes he likes chocolate, not to often, maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks and just a little bit, and Mcdonalds is so uncommon to go, but when we go he has water and nuggets.

What he won’t touch is sauces (ketchup, mayo, etc) and Sodas…he is too little for that and I am going to make the effort. We don’t really apreciate soda at home so it won’t be too hard.

Words ‘nutrition’ and ‘fun’ haven’t always traditionally appeared together, but making healthy eating exciting is just one small action that could have a big impact on you and your family.

Ensuring that the right things are going into your children doesn’t have to be a mundane task, and using these tips is just the start of a positive and healthier lifestyle:

Pregnant Women
• What you put in is what you get out (literally) – The risk of being overweight or obese starts before a baby is even born. Pregnant women who consume unhealthy foods containing excess amounts of sugar and fat are more likely to have overweight children and develop associated health problems. Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy lowers this risk, and creates a healthier start for your baby and a healthier life for you.

Sugar Swap
• Swapping sugary snacks for ones that are lower in sugar – Swapping to a healthier option, such as water, or fresh juice instead of sugary drinks can make a huge difference to children’s calorie intake. Not just that, but it’s also better for their teeth.

Breast Milk
• Providing your baby with breast milk will give them the best source of nutrients and help to reduce the risk of infection, digestive diseases and obesity but if breast feeding is not possible then using a low protein formula milk is the best alternative. Healthy nutrition in the first 1000 days of life, including breast milk or low protein formula milk and foods low in sugar will help protect your health, your children and future generations.

• Snack check – Many snacks are full of things that aren’t necessarily good for us – sugar, salt, fat and calories. So try and keep a careful eye on how many snacks the kids are having. Try and keep count of how many sweets, crisps, and biscuits are being consumed. Keeping count means you’re more likely to cut down – which is good for your kids and for your pocket too.


Did you made these changes or mistakes? Let me know on the comments below!

Cheerio #DigestiveHealthMonth

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