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The 1st Birthday Party – Planning…and planning…and still planning

August 7, 2015

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I cannot believe that almost a year has passed since I had RJ.

I can remember the “full” that I felt by this time, the anxious on preparing the clothes, washing, cleaning, putting the nursery right, feeling if something is missing… feeling “How am  going to feed him, give him bath”, thinking “I am going to be a good parents and take good care of him”.
Loads and loads of questions that a aren’t, but specially a mum think.
Plus that I had a month with contractions… a month!

So I am planning RJ birthday and one of the places that I look for inspiration is: The Pinterest…ok and the Google!

So on Google I found this lovely online shop, really cute and with awesome prices, and imagine that! With Party bags for babies!!
So here are some of the Party Bags for babies (from 0 to 18 months) that I’ve found in All About Party Bags website:

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follow link

reiche single frauen österreich

Cute right! And really the kind of things that a baby should have.

Then I’ve found the Invitations and Thank you cards I want:


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I liked this idea too!

Thank you cards

The balloons! Of course…what type of party without balloons

Some Ideas for the older children, boys and girls

go to site

I’ve thought about what type of theme would be the party… The fact is that RJ has a thing for dinosaurs and I don’t know why! (He even roars… what can i say…I love dinosaurs since I’ve known myself!)

And then I came across this nice pack!

go site

This shop has a lot of things for parties!

Then what about doing something for the guest to follow a “route” for RJ’s party?

click here I saw this and I have to figure out how am I doing this:

Follow the dinosaurs prints…Roarrrr

I love organsing parties… I really do and for those who know me, they know my parties are memorable.

So my son’s 1st birthday will be too! (I hope!).

But on this…what about food! Food for babies, toddler, children and grown ups!

This ones in Blue and Green

With number 1’s instead

Sandwich or toasts in this shape


Pure food or porridges

Chocolate milk or Smoothies

Water with flavoring (apple or red fruits)

The Cookie cutters

Things for parents because after a child party parents need calories!

Need to look more about the Cake… 
Definitely a lot to do!

But what about the Birthday boy clothes?

Something tells me that Daddy is saying Yes to the Shirt

And finally, I would like a good “recuerdo” (gift) of this day, for my Scrapbook!

I would like some good photos, and I’ve found some like these (And they can be used as Invitations as well:

Imagine doing this Baseball/Football card every year!! How cute can that be!
This is my favorite.

source url Check more ideas on my Pinterest Board:

get link Cheerio and I have so much to plan and start doing!!

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