The importance of reading to your baby (from 0 to 18 months)

You should read and appreciate that moment of nourishment with your child forever, but on this case I am talking only from 0 to 18 months, and how they develop from baby to toddler. Those moments will be yours to keep and you will miss not reading.

Reading to your baby aloud can do wonders for her developing language skills. It’s one of the best ways to help her learn.

The more words she hears in a day, the better. If you haven’t started already, make a habit of reading to your baby every day.
I have been reading to RJ since he was in my belly, and I can now say that he has a beautiful library to read… and chew…

Good reading habits that start early will set the stage for her to learn new things down the road.

This a good time to:

Invest in board and bath books (you can get some very cheap in the UK in Poundland or the 99p stores). 
They’ll likely end up in your baby’s mouth, but that’s a good sign that she’s taken an interest.

Choose books with a lot of color and simple objects decorating the pages.
Read books with photographs of faces and animals to capture your baby’s attention.

  • Babies will find interest in books with words and phrases that rhyme and repeat. Ask her to join in with a “moo” for cow and a “bark” for dog.

  • Books that have texture, flaps that lift, and tabs that can be pulled will help keep your baby engaged while reading.
  • Describe to your baby everything that’s happening in the story. 

  • Point to pictures and name what you see.

  • Make up rhymes and songs that play with words. Include your baby’s name for her delight.
  • Get your baby involved. Ask her: “What’s that?” and “Where is the …?” Give her a chance to respond.
  • Don’t worry if she’s more interested in the book itself than in hearing you read the story. She’s still learning and spending quality time with you.

Making your own book:
Fill it with pictures of family, friends, and other faces your baby will recognize.

Cheerio and #readingisculture

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