1st Holidays with baby – What to take

So I had this one week vacation to Algarve in South Portugal (miss you already…beach, sun and good food!). 
Beach, peace and family is what we need by theses months now.

Portugal, Algarve, town of Carvoeiro,  where Brits rule. 🙂

We all try to pack bags with everything and having a baby it means the Triple trouble packing!

But what if you found a sweet deal but have to travel in a low cost company (Like RyanAir, Easyjet or Monarch for example)? Pram, trolleys, baby food??

So to let you know, these companies will let you take with you the following for Free:

For a family of 3, 2 adults and an infant:
  • Each adult can take a trolley with 8KG and a backpack or another bag in hand (example) 
  • Baby can take 5KG and the Pram (they’ll put stickers in each piece of the pram so you won’t loose it)
  • Theses trolleys (2x 8KG + 1x 5KG) will be taken as a courtesy of the company for parents, in the plane, as normal baggage. 
  • So it will leave you comfortable for you to take your baby and free at hand (take a backpack since it will be practical).

In the airport what can you take for the baby:
Food: ready made milks or bottle made (they will test the bottle, I recommend the ready made milk since the bottles are sealed, so they will only check if they are closed or not), Milk powder (they will check), baby bottle of water (I recommend a baby bottle and not a normal bottle of water , they will check and if its a normal bottle of water they will throw it away), baby jars of food (Take plenty!!! On this trip we got delayed 4 hours!!! imagine of I wasn’t a mum that thinks of all the troubles that can happen)
Rest of things that can pass in the hand luggage: Nappies and wipes, bibs and muslins, a spare change of clothes, a blanket, his favorite toy, pacifier (give him the pacifiers every time during the plane trip but specially in taking off or landing, because of the ears), warm socks, Nappy cream (they will check), sun cream (they will check).

Seriously is! 

Check my bags (My bag was for me and my baby):

Our Passports

I took his pillow and a food bag so I could go to the beach with his food fresh. I also put things in little bags, toiletries for all of us, so it would be easier and each thing is separated and organised… so no messing with the bag!

Oh the stassssshhhh of nappies! Just take for at leats 1 or 2 days then buy more during the vacation.

(crazy photo it wanted to be upside down…sorry), the little bags with nose drops, hand gel, nappy rash cream, cotton buds and pads, a sample of shower gel and some samples of body lotions. The best thing is always to have samples of everything for theses occasions. Then buy at the destiny what you need.

What I took in my mummy handbag and on the plane: passport, baby bottle with water, nappies, baby wipes, a toy (good old Jojo), a muslin, a sleeping suit, a t-shirt.  (see best on Pic 1)
He traveled with: dungarees (best invention ever), a t-shirt and a jacket. (see best on Pic 2)

Pic 1 (Handbag)

Pic 2 (what to wear)

On my backpack was the baby jars, 2 baby bottles empty and 3 ready made milks…plus the parents gadgets (iPad, iPhones, laptop, chargers, etc).

Don’t mind about the towels for the beach, take the towels from the hotel, they have them free and it less things to carry.

And remember:
Unless you’re traveling for a weird place with no water or electricity (people are different…), then you have to take a lot of things!
If not, if you’re going to a resort or hotel, then you can buy whatever you want at destiny, but be sure to travel with all the essentials for your baby, you might not have time when you arrive, or arrive at a late hour and everything is closed.


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