The Nappy Review (UK version)

I miss RJ like this…

Oh the cruelty of finding a nappy good, cheap and suitable for our baby…

Been there and tried all the brands.
Cheap and good don’t exist.
But cheaper than Pampers and with a good quality can be obtained.

Let me just say one thing:
Pampers in Portugal and Spain is called Dodot…and is Rubbish! the pay the double that we pay in the US and UK and, my opinion, the parents in those countries are being falsified. So If you go there in vacation, DON’T buy DODOT (Pampers)… pick a supermarket brand such as Continente.

So here are my thoughts by Descending order, 
the first one has my highest opinion:

Pampers – I like Pampers, When my baby was newborn I used Pampers and Mamia, but 90% was Pampers. Never had any Problems with my baby’s skin. 
For me the best brand.

Asda baby Wipes

Asda baby face/hands wipes

Asda Little Angels The second best nappies for me. 
Cheaper and with a good quality. 3 packs for £12.
I recommend the Little Ones baby wipes with moisturizer, 5 packs for £3. 
And I also recommend the Baby face wipes with the wonderful smell of bubblegum.

Mamia from Aldi – the one’s that you will get in any mum to be pack and in the maternity ward. 
Very good but the material sometimes smells like petrol and the nappy is made from a hard material, not soft but resistant to a Poonamy… it will help you in a moment of your life to have them.

Sainsbury – I came by them now. Good, cheap but not to use at night if your baby drinks a lot of water… it flows over. other than that is a good brand and very soft.

Tesco baby wipes
Tesco – just like Sainsbury’s but growing a fondness on me…well the baby. 
I recommend Tesco baby wipes with moisturizer, 5 packs for £3.

Boots!… oh the awfullness! Forget about it! Is so bad that I don’t have words to talk about it! And the wipes?? Better to use a cloth with water…or use the wipes to clean baby high chair after eating.

But the worst of the worst:

Soooo baaad! you try to take a wipe, is a struggle to get it out of the pack since is really wet and after struggling for 5 minutes, baby almost weeing himself and the wipe is so think it won’t clean…argh!

Huggies!! AHHH!! No please dooooon’t!


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