3 Preparation Tips for Hosting In-Store Events

3 Preparation Tips for Hosting In-Store Events

In-store events have become more popular as they boost your marketing, especially in retail. It is a smart way to attract new customers and strengthen ties with existing customers. 80% of marketers believe live events are important to a business’s success. However, more goes into in-store events, including strategic thinking and planning.

Luckily, these tips will help you easily plan your next in-store event


Have a Goal

You must remember that you run a business, so you’re not just organising an event for fun. Everything you do as a business should have a purpose. Ask yourself what you plan on achieving with an event. Additionally, you want to consider who to invite and how best this event might fit into your overall marketing plan.

At the end of the day, what goal are you trying to reach with this event? Is it to drive foot traffic to your store or improve your sales? Are you launching a new product you want people to be aware of? You must ask yourself all these important questions, and your answers must reflect in your message, down to the kind of entertainment you plan on having. 


Have Extremely-Detailed Plans

Planning and organising events can be fun but can also get very stressful and overwhelming, especially when you don’t plan properly. It would be best to be prepared for anything to happen at all times, so keep this in mind. That’s why every aspect of your planning must be fully thought out. Even with a detailed plan of action, things can still go wrong, but you would be better able to salvage it quickly with an alternative solution.

For example, if you’re planning a major sales event in your boutique or are offering free drinks at your restaurant on a particular, you must consider how best you can control large crowds of people. You can install a post and rope barrier and identify ways to keep people patient, so keep this in mind. That way, you wouldn’t be frantically trying to please everyone and have better control over your event. 


Learn from Your Event

With all the planning and preparation done, ensure that you enjoy the event. Even though you might have plans, don’t stress over small mishaps and focus on keeping your customers entertained.

Your customers can pick up on your vibe, so it’s best to remain upbeat. Once it’s over, you must analyse the entire event, from the planning to the execution stage, to know if you have reached your goal and identify any shortcomings you can correct in subsequent events. It can also help you create new strategies for your next program, so feel free to consider this. 


Planning an in-store event is good for your marketing strategy and requires a lot of careful preparation to ensure they go off smoothly. Use it as an opportunity to know your strengths and weaknesses to continue to perfect them along the way. You can leverage these strategies for the best results. 


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