Common Blunders Companies Make in B2B Sales

Common Blunders Companies Make in B2B Sales

Sales between businesses are vital for each party. The seller makes a larger profit, while the buyer gets what they need to keep their operation running like a well-oiled machine. However, these common blunders companies make in B2B sales put them at a disadvantage.


Not Catering to Their Needs

Many companies are passionate about their products, particularly if perfecting them was an uphill battle. However, your clients don’t care much about the items or services you’re offering if they don’t benefit them. Identify the needs of each customer and cater your pitch toward fulfilling their specific demands.

Be brief and straightforward with your presentation. You don’t want to confuse your prospective customers with any technical aspects of making the product. You want to leave the room knowing they fully comprehend everything and want to do business with you.


Inconsistent Communication

There are few things in the business world that clients like less than inconsistency. If you’re there one day but go dark the rest of the week, the frustration will bubble over, ruining a potential deal and long-lasting relationship. Understandably, you could have a lot of eggs in your basket, so get the necessary help if needed. Outsourcing your account management duties is one way to free up your time to focus on more pertinent tasks. This route allows for a more consistent schedule that makes your customers happy. You don’t want to lose a customer because you’re wearing yourself too thin.


Pushy and Too Salesy

In a perfect world, you’d pitch your product, and after five minutes, your client would tell you they want a deal. Unfortunately, that sales utopia doesn’t exist, or else everyone would enter this field. Putting too much pressure on a client because you’re itchy for a deal will do more harm than good.

Being too salesy in your approach and follow-up will aggravate them. You should focus on establishing a relationship over chalking up another win. Building relationships lead to more victories down the road, so give the client time to figure things out themselves.


Breaking Promises

One of the most common B2B sales blunders is overpromising to close a transaction. Making promises that you are unable to keep makes you seem like you and the company you represent are conniving snakes. Burning bridges from broken promises will kill any business deals you have together and any potential ones if the negative word of mouth begins to spread. Instead, under promise and overdeliver. That way, clients will feel you care about them and won’t take advantage of them.

Avoiding these common blunders companies make in B2B sales is integral for the growth and perception of your business, so have the necessary conversations or training courses immediately if you feel there’s a problem.


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