3 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Interior Decor

If you’re pondering changing up your interior design, consider trendy yet cost-effective ideas that’ll help you achieve your dream house. Often, people think buying new furniture or repainting is the way to go, but sometimes, you only need to tweak a few things for a successful makeover. If you don’t want to spend too much in your home restyling, here are a few helpful tips:


Window Treatment

The secret to reviving your interior décor is to allow more light into the house, and since you can’t leave the door ajar all day, you’ll need to leverage your windows. 

Windows are the getaway to lighting up your house, and having the right window treatments like tracked blinds will help you get more natural light while offering you optimal privacy. The primary perk of blinds is they’re as timeless as they are stylish. 

Another excellent window treatment instead of heavy curtain materials are sheer curtains. For instance, consider chiffon and voile materials that have higher light penetration. Besides, sheer curtains are versatile, complementing almost all interior décor designs. 

These window treatments are trendy ways to add an elegant touch to your interior design and brighten your house. Incorporate them in your bedroom, living room, green room, or other often-used rooms for the best results.


Add Subtle Colours

Colours bring out the life of a place and make it more vibrant and fun, hence a great way to freshen your space. However, you want to start small – ideally with small colorful centerpieces and wall art before going all out with wall repainting.

Choose centerpieces that supplement your furniture and overall interior décor. If you’re bold, choose dazzling colors that draw attention to the centerpieces. If not, choose muted colors like grey and blue that attract the right attention without taking away from the rest of the house.

When it comes to wall art, pick colorful frames for black and white art pieces and neutral frames for striking pieces to avoid overlapping the details. 

Another crucial area to pop a splash of color is your kitchenware like bowls, ceramic, and mugs. You’ll achieve the right amount of contrasting colors and add a bold statement to your interior by incorporating such simple changes.


Bring Plants Indoors

More and more households are beginning to see the benefits of having greenery indoors – they not only improve your wellbeing, but they elevate a space’s aura and bring in fresh air.

For large plants, it’d be best to place them in colored pots on the floor. Also, remember to spread them out for better aesthetic and air quality.

Small plants, especially flowers, are suitable for elevated areas like tabletops and countertops. If you’re using colorful flowers, consider putting them in transparent vases or glistening monochromatic vases. 

Remember to go crazy with your vase designs – the bolder, the better for your interior aesthetics.

However, you don’t want to overdo your plant accessories’ colors as this will dissolve or overlap with other elements of your interior décor.

As you can see, it’s unnecessary to go all out to transform your interior décor. Often, the small details have far more significant results in refreshing and improving the ambiance of your house. Start with the above ideas for an effortlessly new look.



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