3 Unexpected Places You Can Put Mirrors in Your Home

3 Unexpected Places You Can Put Mirrors in Your Home

There are lots of options to pick from when decorating your home. An underappreciated decoration choice is mirrors. Mirrors help reflect light and can make any room seem bigger and brighter. Keep reading to learn about three unexpected places you can put mirrors in your home.


Home Office

Many home offices were last-minute additions when the pandemic hit, and they got created in small rooms without much light or space. Now that working from home is a popular choice, people are trying to improve their home offices and make them feel more comfortable and spacious. One way you can do that is with a mirror. Place a large mirror on a blank wall to make the space feel bigger, or just add a small mirror to your desk to help reflect light.


Basement or Attic

Finished basements and attics give our home even more usable space. Unfortunately, just because these spaces are functional doesn’t mean they always look or feel the best. Mirrors can help these cramped spots feel spacious and can spread any natural light you have. If your gym or office is in one of these additional spaces, mirrors can also help motivate you throughout your workout or work day.

Hallway or Entryway If you’re trying to maximize space when furnishing your home, you’ve probably considered what you can put in your hallway or entryway. While it’s best to minimally furnish these spaces so you don’t crowd people trying to move through them, hanging up mirrors can help them feel more open. They also provide a space for people to double-check themselves before leaving the house, which is helpful for guests and residents alike.

Putting mirrors in unexpected spots in your home, such as offices, basements, and hallways leads to fantastic results. These places will feel larger, more illuminated, and function better with the addition of mirrors. Whether it’s a small mirror or a big mirror, they will improve your space.


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