3 Ways To Shake Up A Tired Marketing Campaign

3 Ways To Shake Up A Tired Marketing Campaign

Is your marketing campaign stuck in a rut and not quoting as effectively as it once was? If you need to shake things up or your results have become stale, and you need to find a fresh audience, then there is likely something amiss, and you need to rethink your marketing approach.

To go from stale to fresh in the blink of an eye, you need to take heed of the following tips to get things moving in the right direction.

Be Open

Just because you’ve always done things a certain way doesn’t mean they always need to be done this way. Look at what isn’t getting you the results you are after and why this isn’t working. Then, open your mind to new possibilities and ideas that can benefit you. While you don’t need to put every thought into action, bouncing off new ideas and getting creative juices flowing can help you move in the right direction. Throw out the rule book, reinvent your marketing campaign, and avoid becoming stuck in the mud perpetuating the same old tired formula.

Clear and Concise

Your branding and your marketing message need to be clear and concise. What do you do, and how can you help people? You must be clear about what you can offer and how to improve people’s lives. Even the most boring products can be exciting if marketed correctly; you must be clear about your offering. The easier it is for consumers to see what you are about, the more likely they will be swayed to making a purchase, not put off trying to figure out your elusive messaging and confusing branding.

Inject Excitement

To make an impact, you must offer people an exciting proposition they feel they can’t refuse. If you make them feel like they’re missing out, they will want a piece of the action.

Limited-time offers of exclusive products or gifts with the first X purchases for the first customers can often entice the consumer, especially if they are on the fence about buying anyway. Heading out and about using an experiential marketing agency for immersive brand experiences and sampling events for your products and services can work wonders by allowing people to experience what you offer without spending any money. It can be impactful and a great way to generate buzz, especially for new product or service launches.

Be More Personable

Consumers have an insatiable appetite to get to know the people behind the brand. To learn more about who they are and what they stand for. In recent years, more people have been championing the rise of small businesses and giving their support back to those hustling to make a living and working hard to run their businesses. Capitalise on this by showing people more about you, your brand ethos and values and why you do what you do.

The more they know why you do what you do and who you are, the more likely they will join and support you. So, instead of hiding behind faceless marketing campaigns, use your social media, website and marketing channels to inject more of yourself to engage with consumers how they want.

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